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Top 5 The Best All-Black Running Shoes In-Depth Reviews This Year

When it comes to running, perhaps you are nothing but a super-dedicated runner who loves to go out for long, intense runs every day. Not only that, but also you push yourself to achieve the best you can in terms of speed, ability, and form. Really, you are passionate about running, and you would not miss a day without doing so.

That said, perhaps you invest in as many sports apparel that you can get your hands on, from running shorts to headbands. You want what will benefit you in running, so you get these items. However, lately you have also been interested in getting a new pair of running shoes, just because your former ones are wearing down, due to the countless miles you log in each week. That said, you are looking into some new pairs of shoes, particularly those which are black, just because of style and the fact that it is less likely to look dirty.

You are unsure of how to get started, but have no fear: we are here to help! Read on to learn more in this article on how to find the best all-black running shoes for you, as well as get suggestions to get started. Soon enough, you will be running in style and in comfort.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing All-Black Running Shoes

First things first, you will need to look into several aspects when it comes to finding and purchasing the best all-black running shoes for you. It is not merely a matter of picking the first attractive pair that you lay your eyes on, but rather taking the time to consider, try on, and test a pair before buying it. Rushing into it is fruitless, just because it might not end up being the right one for you, thereby a waste of money.

That said, be patient and consider these aspects the next time you are looking at all-black running shoes:

1. Size and shape.

Of course, the most important thing you will need to consider is the shoe size, which applies to any other shoe out there, really. Use a measuring block to measure out your foot, and then go half a size to a full size up to determine your actual shoe size. Buying a pair slightly larger than your actual-sized foot is important, just because you will need room in your toe box to allow your toes to breathe and feel comfortable wiggling around in.

As for shape, it is a matter of looking at if your feet are wide or narrow, so that you do not end up with a pair that is too loose or too tight. Trust us, your body will thank you for it later.

2. Material and durability.

Besides being black in color, the material should be made from a combination of different ones in order to ensure that the shoe can last you a long time. Typically, a good running shoe is made from leather, rubber, and polyurethane, for a combination of flexibility, sturdiness, and overall comfort. Choosing a shoe with these properties, then, is the best way to go about finding the best pair.

3. Arch support.

Just like with shoe size and shape, everyone is born with different arches. Whether high, medium, or low-arched, it is necessary to determine just which one you have, in order to buy accordingly to that particular arch.

You can determine your arch by taking the “Wet Test,” in which you place your foot in water and press it onto a paper towel, then checking the imprint to see whether the center of the arch is nearly invisible (“high arch”), heavily indented (“low arch”), or reasonably so (“medium arch”). From there, you can buy a running shoe that has a built-in insole to accommodate for it, to keep your feet well-supported.

For a demonstration of the wet test, check out this video here:

4. Breathability.

Most runners might overlook this feature when picking out a running shoe, but having one which has good air circulation is imperative, just because not having it can lead to moisture getting trapped inside of your feet, which not only creates bad odors, but also potential blisters.

Hence, when picking out a running shoe, look for mesh material, i.e. small holes at the top and sides of the shoe, in which moisture can be wicked away, thereby keeping your feet cool and dry.

5. Cushioning.

Especially if you are flat-footed, i.e. have low arches, then it is a good idea to invest in a pair of running shoes which have cushioning in the heel area, to make sure that shock absorption occurs with each step you take. After all, you would not want your feet to strike against hard surfaces without any bounce-back, for that can lead to injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

Looking for shoes with a few millimeters of drop-heel cushioning, then, is the best way to go about protecting your feet from injuries, as well as general discomfort.

6. Degree of color.

Now, we know that you are interested in getting black running shoes, but in fact, there are varying degrees of the color that might determine which one you will get. From a dark charcoal to a lighter, almost grey-like hue, there are different gradients to the color black.

Charcoal-black running shoe

Essentially, you might choose to pick a charcoal-black running shoe if you tend to dirty them up, whether running on trails or through forests; wearing them can give off the impression that they are not as dirty as they seem. On the other hand, you might want a “lighter” color, close to grey, for a more varietal sense of style while running on concrete and asphalt. In the end, it is up to you.

7. Comfort.

Ultimately, you should choose a pair of running shoes based on comfort, just because you will be wearing them for a while. Even if a pair satisfies all of the other requirements listed above, if it is not comfortable, then you will be less inclined to wear them, thereby being a waste of money.

Not only that, but also an uncomfortable pair can lead to changes in how the foot operates, which can cause injuries to happen. That said, make sure you test them out first to determine if they feel good, and then you can make the call.

For a video to help you choose the best running shoe, check it out here

Top Five Best All-Black Running Shoes On The Market

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Skechers Sport Women's Skech Air Run High Fashion Sneaker

Consisting of a memory foam insole and synthetic overlays, this all-black running shoe from Skechers is the ideal pair to consider getting for the sake of cushioning and breathability, respectively. Not only that, but also it comes with a non-marking outsole to make it less awkward to maneuver around in, so that you can running in style and comfort.


  • Consists of a memory foam insole for cushioning and comfort.
  • Comes with synthetic overlays and a lace-up front for convenience.
  • Has a non-marking outsole for a smoother run.


  • Memory foam is not as durable as expected.


Skechers’ Skech Air running shoes were quite decent, especially with the memory foam insole built into it for ultimate cushioning and comfort: it felt like I was running on air when I slipped these on! Also liked the lace-up front for an easy in and out for jogging. Wished that the memory foam insole lasted longer, though, for it broke down after a month or two.

2. Nike Men's Revolution 3 Running Shoe

Made from a combination of polyester and rubber material, Nike Men’s Revolution 3 running shoe is sure to provide you with a flexible and durable pair to keep you going in the long run, literally and figuratively. Aside from that, its mesh upper offers excellent breathability, and it is quite lightweight at only 252 grams for a quick and easy takeoff.


  • Made from a combination of polyester and rubber material.
  • Offers great breathability from its mesh upper.
  • Is lightweight for easy takeoff.


  • Lace holes might not be sturdy to hold up a long time.


I found Nike Men’s Revolution 3 running shoe to be solid in its material construction, as well as being quite breathable and keeping my feet cool and dry in the process. Also loved the lightweight material. Lace holes started wearing down after a few months, so it became more difficult to tie my shoelaces up and have them stay in place.

3. adidas Performance Men's Alphabounce Ams m Running Shoe

Designed for neutral runners, Adidas’ Alphbounce running shoe offers a sock-like construction for a snug fit, as well as being able to move with your feet at all times. It also comes with a molded EVA heel clip for better heel support, should you tend to heel strike while running. Finally, its ADIWEAR outsole offers the ultimate durability to keep you satisfied for a long time.


  • Offers a sock-like construction for a snug fit.
  • Comes with a molded EVA heel clip for heel support.
  • Has an ADIWEAR outsole for the best durability.


  • Might not have enough toe box room to feel comfortable.


Adidas’ Alphabounce running shoe was nice and snug- it fit like a glove when I tried them on, and they conformed well to the shape of my foot. Considering that I tend to heel strike, the molded EVA heel clip was a plus. Granted, I wished that it had more toe box room, though, for breathability and comfort.

4. Nike Men's Free 5.0 Running Shoe

What makes this running shoe from Nike distinctive is its Free Phylite midsole, which works as an outsole for cushioning, durability, and reduced weight, which makes it an incredibly versatile shoe to consider purchasing. In addition, its deep hexagonal flex grooves offer a natural, minimalist stride, so that you can feel at ease running in your “normal” manner. Finally, its Flywire technology makes for a lightweight shoe for convenience and pleasure.


  • Contains a free Phylite midsole for cushioning, durability, and reduced weight.
  • Has deep hexagonal flex grooves for a natural, minimalist stride.
  • Consists of Flywire technology for a lightweight shoe.


  • Soles might not be very durable.


I have found Nike Men’s Free 5.0 running shoe to be quite versatile, thanks to its Phylite midsole which cushions and keeps its durable and lightweight for me to run in. The flex grooves have also made it comfortable with each stride. However, the soles started breaking down a bit after one month of use, which was a bit disappointing.

5. Saucony Women's Grid Excursion TR9 Trail Running Shoe

While not entirely black in color, Saucony Women’s trail running shoe nevertheless comes in a pink-streak design that is sure to make you feel in-style when going out for a jog. Its heel grid cushioning system, as well as its 8-millimeter midsole offset, makes for a comfortable and supportive shoe that you would be willing to wear often, not just for running, but also for walking and hiking.


  • Has a heel grid cushioning system for comfort.
  • Contains an 8-millimeter midsole offset for support.
  • Great for running, hiking, and walking.


  • Might not be as flexible as expected.


Saucony Women’s trail running shoe was quite pleasant with its heel grid cushioning system and midsole offset, which made it comfortable and supportive to run in. I have also used it for walking and hiking, and so far, it has been good. Only thing that could be improved on is its flexibility, which has not been ideal.

Winner of the Roundup

All in all, the winner of this roundup goes to Nike Men's Free 5.0 Running Shoe (#4). Not only was its Phylite midsole incredibly versatile in terms of cushioning, durability, and lightweight abilities, but also its deep hexagonal flex grooves proved to be quite flexible in bending to one’s stride. It is a good pair to consider the next time you decide to get an all-black running shoe. You will not regret it!

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