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Are Running Shoes Good for Walking? We Have You Covered !

When it comes to exercising, you might not necessarily be a fan of running, but you very much enjoy walking. That said, you probably dedicate much of your day to taking long, peaceful walks around your neighborhood, or perhaps you hit up the nearest trails or stroll along the shoreline of the beach. What makes walking a pleasure for you is that you can do it anytime and anywhere.

That said, perhaps you would like to figure out just what kinds of material you need to wear in order to make your walking experience even more enjoyable. True, there is not much when it comes to walking: after all, you only need to wear some comfortable clothes and invest in good shoes to get started.

However, you are thinking about investing in running shoes for walking, because they appear to have more cushioning and support than the normal walking shoes you wear. You wonder if they are good, though, and with that, we are here to help! Read on to learn more in this article about whether running shoes are good for walking, as well as get your other frequently-asked questions answered on this topic. Soon enough, you can get right down to walking in no time.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


What are some health benefits to walking?

You might be surprised to find out that walking is just as beneficial as running or any other sports out there. In fact, walking is similar to running in that it is an aerobic exercise, which have been shown to help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, build stronger bones and muscles, and overall improve your mood and spirits. In a sense, walking is great for boosting both the body and the mind.

Are running shoes good for walking?

While it might be labeled as “running shoe,” you might be pleased to know that it is also suitable for walking. This is due to the fact that some specifically-designed walking shoes are often not very well-made, i.e. too stiff or not providing enough arch support to make your feet feel good while strolling around.

That said, running shoes offer not only more flexibility due to its flex grooves, but also they offer more cushioning and padding, especially if you tend to heel strike on walks. Hence, running shoes are a good choice for walkers to use, just because they offer more than that of walking shoes.

How can I find the right pair of shoes for walking?

Just like how it is for running shoes, finding the right pair of walking shoes is not any different from it. Here, we list a few tips to getting the right pair of shoes for walking:

1. Good fit.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that you need to find a walking shoe that fits you well. This not only pertains to wearing the right shoe size, but also the right shape. In other words, it should not be too narrow nor too loose, so that you can feel good when walking for miles on end.

2. Arch support.

All of us are born with different arches, so it is a matter of finding the right one to support your feet when walking, especially for a long time. You will need to know if you have high arches, medium arches, or low arches, aka flat feet, and from there find the running shoe for walking that will suit you best.

3. Comfort.

This comes as an obvious, but if your running shoe for walking does not feel good when you walk, then it is not the best one for you. Not only will you be discouraged from wearing it, but also you might get injuries if you do wear it. Strive for comfort, and things will be a whole lot better.

4. Flexibility.

For this point, it is a matter of looking for flex grooves in the shoe to know that it will bend to your feet’s needs with every step you take. Test out the shoes by gently bending them and see if they give way: if they do, then they are probably a good pair to consider investing in.

5. Durability.

Finally, running shoes for walking should be durable, especially if you plan to use them for many miles over a long period of time. It comes down to a combination of materials—rubber, leather, and polyurethane—to make it durable for you to wear.

For more information about selecting the best walking shoes, check out this video here: 


Overall, running shoes are perfectly acceptable for walking. Due to its more flexible and comfortable design, they are not a bad pair to consider investing in, should you need them someday.

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