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Finding The Best Bras For Support. Here Are The Top 5!

Are you an avid runner who needs to wear a sports bra when you run? While it can be a hassle to wear, finding a good one will guarantee that you will be comfortable and supported as you hit those trails for a nice, long run.

With that said, just what makes a good bra worthwhile to wear, especially when it comes to running and doing other physical activities?

In this article, we will give you several tips on how to find the best bras for support, as well as recommend a few of our top selections to you.

Pretty soon, you will be able to run your best and fastest in no time. Without further ado, let us get started!

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How To Find A Good Sports Bra

1. Check Your Bra Size.


Perhaps you find this very obvious to begin with, but you might be surprised that so many people, runners and non-runners alike, buy the wrong bra size.

Not only can this cause discomfort, but it can also affect your back, shoulders, and chest, thereby leaving you in an unpleasant state throughout the day.

Hence, you will need to determine two aspects: band size and bust measurements. Here is how you can measure both:

A. Band Size.

The band size is essentially the measurement just right below your breasts. To determine yours, use measuring tape to wrap around the area.

Round it to the nearest whole number and add four inches for an even number, five inches for an odd number. With that, you get your band size.

B. Bust Measurements

This measurement determines the size of your breasts, whether you are a cup A or a D. Using the measuring tape again, wrap it around your breasts at nipple level and round to the nearest whole number. That number will be your bust measurement.

For more information on determining bra size, check out this article here.

2. Check Your Bra Type


Besides knowing your typical bra size measurements, you also need to figure out your bra type. The difference is knowing whether you have smaller or larger breasts, and from there you can consider these three factors:

A. Compression Vs Encapsulation

These refer to cup sizes, as the former are better for those with cup sizes A to B and low-to-moderately impacted workouts, while the latter is geared towards larger cup sizes.

B. Racerback Vs Wide Straps

These two options refer to the type of straps that go on your shoulders. The former is criss-crossed along the back and keeps your breasts compact and supported.

The latter rests individually on both shoulders and can be easier adjusted; it tends to be more for bigger breasts.

C. Pullover Vs Back Clasp

As their name implies, the former is one that you can pull over your head to wear and is more useful for those with bigger chests. The latter has an adjustable clasp that can also anchor larger breasts.

For more information on these bra types, read this article here.

3. Test Out The Bra


Now you have an idea of your bra size and type, it is now time to try out your bra. This is to make sure that it is the best fit for you, so that you will not have problems later down the line. There are three factors to consider:

I. Band

Place your finger underneath the band just below your breasts and make sure that it does not move more than an inch out; it should be snug, but also flexible. Raise your arms and see if the bra rides up; if it does, then you might need to go a size lower.

II. Cups

The trick is to tug on the cups and see if they move; if it does just a bit, then it should be fine. The cups themselves should completely fill out your breasts without any spillage; if so, you will need to go a size up.

III. Straps

Use your finger to slide it underneath the strap before pulling. The strap should not be too stretchy, as it can loosen and slide off easily when performing strenuous exercises.

At the same time, it should not be too tight in that it cuts into your shoulder. Aim for a balance between the two.

Top 5 Picks For The Best Bras For Support.


With full coverage and a breathable ventilation system to keep you dry and comfortable, Fitglam’s workout sports bra offers a lot not only in comfort, but also in support.

Its nylon stabilizers also help keep your breasts intact even during the most vigorous exercises.


  • It is stretchy, but also retains its shape even after long workouts over time.
  • Has a seamless design to prevent chaffing.
  • Breathable wick material to keep you cool and dry.


  • Exact bra size might be too tight for some people. Requires ordering an extra size (or two) up.


Upon buying Fitglam’s sports bra, I was pleasantly surprised by its softness, as well as the wick material used to cool off even while performing high intensity activities.

My only critique would be that the bra sizes do not correspond to the actual breast size, so you will need to be careful when ordering the exact size to wear.


Coming in a pack of three, Fruit of the Loom’s built-up sports bra offers you a good deal while also making you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Not only are they machine-washable, but also they have an extra chest panel to keep it in top shape, to prevent sagging over time.


  • Has adjustable straps that can be easily put on and taken off.
  • Contains no wires that can otherwise pinch your back and make you feel uncomfortable.


  • Runs a size too small, so it is necessary to buy a size up.
  • Elasticity is not as durable as other brand’s after several washes.


I liked the fact that it came in a pack of three, so that I did not have to continue buying multiples of the same brand. It was easy to put on and adjust and did its job during my runs. 

However, I did notice it starting to sag a bit after the third wash, so its durability is not as ideal.


Made from a combination of nylon (71 percent), polyester (22 percent), and spandex (7 percent), Puma’s women’s sports bra has both the firmness and flexibility needed for comfort and support for your runs.

Its contouring system also molds itself to the shape of your breasts, thereby keeping you at ease.


  • Contains removable cups that make it machine-washer friendly to use.
  • Good for those with bigger breasts as it offers good back support.
  • Extra padded for warmth and chest support.


  • For those with smaller breasts, the cup sizes might be a bit too large.


When I first received it and tried it on, I was very happy to feel the difference in the sports bra experience. 

Both my chest and back were well-supported and I enjoyed the padding inside the cups to keep me feeling warm and comfortable. While the cups do run a bit big, it does not detract from Puma’s quality.


Although made from thin material, Calvin Klein’s women’s sports bra is nevertheless soft and can hold up even in the most strenuous of workouts, from running to weight-lifting to rock climbing. 

It is also flattering to the figure, as no signs of back bulge can be detected from underneath the shirt.


  • Thin and stretchy, thereby not too stuffy and easy to adjust for different bra sizes.
  • Band underneath the bra is comfortable and not too constricting around the ribs.


  • Not much lift or compression going for it.
  • Thin material quality might not be ideal for see-through material.


The quality is soft and pretty durable, and I liked that the band was not restricting at all when putting it on.

However, I can see its thin material being a problem, as it does not provide good insulation for running in colder weather.


Whether you choose to wear it for workouts or not, Champion’s women’s sports bra does a good job of covering up the nipples underneath shirts while also keeping it breathable and cool during just about any workout at the gym or outdoors.


  • Does not chafe, due to shoulder strap adjustment.
  • Contains solid padding for preventing nipples from showing.
  • No uni-boob.


  • Might not be stretchy or supportive enough for high-intensity exercises.


Champion’s women’s sports bra not only has good coverage, but it also has a wonderfully-designed pattern that you can also show off, should you be bold enough to. 

On the other hand, it could be improved with more stretchable and supportive qualities for the chest, shoulders, and back.

Winner Of The Round-Up

With so many good choices out there for sports bras, the winner of the round-up this time around goes to Puma Women’s Seamless Sports Bra with Removable Cups (#3).

This particular bra strikes the balance between comfort and support, for it provides solid padding and chest and back stability for both small and big breasts to feel good in. That said, it is worth a try!

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