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How To Choose The Best Camel Back For Running

When it comes to finding a good hydration pack for running, nothing does it better than Camelbak’s. However, with a million options to choose from, you might not be so sure just what is the best Camel back for running. From one to the other, the possibilities seem endless and just downright daunting, especially if you are new to this idea of staying hydrated while on runs.

That being said, we are here to help! In this article, we will take you through some ways on how to find a good, solid Camelbak hydration pack for running, as well as give you some of our top choices to get started. Pretty soon, you will be hitting those long, hot trails like a pro. Without further ado, let us begin!


How to Choose a Good Camelbak Hydration Belt

Selecting a solid Camelbak hydration belt actually requires a bit of research into it, since one size does not fit all with this kind of item. That said, you will have to consider these elements listed below when purchasing one:

1. Ease of drinking.

It helps to find a hydration belt that makes it relatively easy to reach when you need to stay hydrated whilst in mid-run. Having one that is positioned too far back can really be a hassle when it comes to reaching over for even a sip. Therefore, an easy-to-reach feature certainly does not hurt at all!

2. Spill and leak proof.

If you have ever owned a water bottle that would accidentally leak or spill when tossed around, we can imagine your frustration if you purchase a hydration belt that does the exact same thing.

Finding a hydration belt, therefore, that does not leak or spill without having the need to be screwed on so tightly is the way to go. You can then be rest assured that you can run and bounce up and down without having to worry about it.

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3. Comfort and stability.

Depending on your size, hydration packs do not come in a “one-size-fits-all” design, for they usually are categorized based on height, waistline, and other personal factors. Hence, it helps to know your body measurements and then use them to find a hydration pack that fits around that area.

Having it be comfortable while running, as well as stable so that it does not bounce up and down too much to slow you down, are two important factors that we encourage you to reflect on when fitting your hydration belt before purchase.

4. Tube compatibility.

What makes CamelBak’s hydration belts distinctive from other items like water bottles is that it can contain an extension tube that you can use to hook up to your water reservoir and receive water from as you run. Quick-release tube attachments are ideal, for they are easier to put on and take off while also being easier to clean.

Lastly, having a tube valve that can be attached to any other hydration packs in case your primary one does not work is a good, versatile option to consider.

5. Pressurized vs. non-pressurized.

These two aspects refer to whether you would like your hydration pack’s tube to spray out the water into your mouth or else just have you suck it in. Again, it really depends on your running style, as well as preference for it.

If you are currently in a fast-paced, high-intensity competition, then a pressurized tube would be beneficial. On the other hand, a casual, off-race run would be made well with simply a non-pressurized one.

6. Ease of cleaning.

What is almost every runner’s nightmare is the fact that you will have to clean out your hydration pack from time to time, as means of preventing unknown specimen, even bacteria, from growing inside of the tubes and bag themselves. Having one that can be easily opened and accessible are the best ones to have, and so you can get the cleaning done in no time, thereby saving you time for other activities to do.

For a more in-depth look at what makes a good hydration pack to purchase, check out this video below. You can also look at our ideas on choosing a good hydration belt to get started on your way to getting a hydration pack.

Top Five Best CamelBak Hydration Belt

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Consisting of a 2-liter reservoir and two external pockets for storing keys, cellphones, and other necessary items, CamelBak’s Rogue also has an easy refill system, as means of replenishing your water reserve with its quick-release flap on the pack. Its elastic stretch panels help expand and it can be shrunken for compact storage.


  • Has a reflective back strip for visibility should you choose to run at night.
  • Consists of two external pockets for hefty, easy-to-access storage.
  • Contains an easy refill system with its quick-release flap on the pack’s front.


  • Does not contain a Quick Link system which otherwise can be compatible with other reservoirs in case something was to happen to the original one.


At only 0.6 ounces, I was very pleased at how lightweight CamelBak 2016 Rogue Hydration Pack was, and upon putting it on with filled water, it still was manageable when running. I like the amount of storage possibilities on it, too, but wished that it did come with a Quick Link system for compatibility with other tubes and valves.

It is back to the basics with CamelBak’s Classic: large and spacious, this particular hydration pack can store a hefty amount of water, as well as has a big pocket in the front for storing some of your most precious items to keep it safe as you go out on your long, hot run.


  • Holds plenty of water, along with your precious items.
  • Good for running, as well as cycling and hiking.
  • Weight of water is evenly distributed inside the pack for a more balanced run.


  • Shoulder straps could be more padded.
  • Tubing is not detachable.


Upon buying and using CamelBak’s Classic hydration pack, I found it to be quite large and wonderful in holding so much water, along with my keys and cellphone.

I have also used it on my long hikes, and it worked like a charm. My only issues are that the shoulder straps could use some padding for comfort, and that the tube could be detached for easier cleaning and transferring between packs.

Proud of its grab-and-go feature, this particular pack has a low-profile design that comes with plenty of useful features such as an easy open-and-close cap, lightweight filling system, and plenty of multi-function pockets to keep you happy and hands-free from any item whilst on your run.


  • Designed for comfort with its Air Channel back panel, three-point compression system, and asymmetric style for easier access.
  • Contains multi-function pockets for storing extra items such as maps, food, and other essentials you might need on your run.
  • Has a low-profile design for lightweight and a grab-and-go convenience.


  • Pouch might be a bit too small to hold some bigger items, should you decide to do so.


With CamelBak’s Cloud Walker, I really felt like I was carrying close to nothing when I went out running, even after having filled it up with water and storing my keys, cellphone, maps, and food inside.

Its asymmetric design was a nice touch, as I was able to reach my items with ease. Perhaps I wish that it could have larger pouches for my lotion and glasses case, but otherwise I have been satisfied with it.

Featuring a Quick Link system, as well as a magnetic tube trap for keeping your tube and valves together, CamelBak’s Lobo hydration pack can let you carry less gear while still keeping you well-hydrated and comfortable on your run. It also comes with bike tool organizer pockets and helmet hooks, should you choose to use it for cycling sometime.


  • Has a Quick Link system for easy tubing adjustments and transferring from one pack to another..
  • Comes with cycling equipment that you can use aside from running days.
  • Carries a full bladder of water while also letting you get away with carrying less items for a hassle-free experience.


  • Carrying too many items can block the water from reaching into the tube.


After purchasing CamelBak’s Lobo hydration pack, I put it to good use. I very much appreciated the Quick Link system, as well as allowing me to fill up the bladder to the brim for optimal use.

Only wish is that I can actually store more items than just my keys, since storing too much can cause a blockage in the system when you want to drink from it.

Sleek and minimal, CamelBak’s Aurora hydration pack is good not only for running, but also incredibly useful for cycling. It comes with a blinker for safety reasons, whether you choose to run when it is obscured outside or not. Additionally, its strapping system is well-padded and rests against your back comfortably enough.


  • Versatile in both running and cycling use.
  • Is snug and secured for all body types, from small to broad chests.
  • Does not bounce when you run.


  • Pockets are a bit small to hold more substantial items.


Although it is intended more for cycling use, CamelBak’s Aurora hydration pack worked pretty well with running. I liked how it was snug, considering that I have a small chest. Granted, the pockets are a tad small, but otherwise it holds my keys and cellphone just fine.

Winner of the Roundup

Overall, the winner of this roundup goes to CamelBak 2016 Cloud Walker 18 Hydration Pack (#3).

It went above and beyond with its lightweight, comfortable, and multi-functional storage system, which is just the right balance in the world of backpack running. The Cloud Walker will be sure to satisfy many of your outings should you decide to run, hike, cycle, or do anything sportive.

Have a happy workout!


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