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Find The Best New Balance Shoes For You

When it comes to running, you probably want nothing but the best pair of running shoes to get you out and about every morning, not only motivating you to get out of bed, but also hit the road as fast as you can. From comfort to durability to support, you want the best pair of running shoes out there.

That said, it can be difficult to find the best brand for doing just that, i.e. running your very best. Especially today when there are so many choices out there in the running market, it can certainly be difficult to choose from all the selections. From Adidas to Nike to Saucony, each brand has its pros and cons, and so you will need to figure out just what will work for you.

However, we are here to help! Do not think that it will be a daunting process; in fact, with a bit of research and several test runs, you can get around to obtaining some of the best pairs of running shoes out there.

Particularly in this article, we will focus on New Balance products to give you a better taste of what to expect. Learn more about the best New Balance shoes for you, as well as get our top suggestions to get you started. Soon enough, you will be running like a professional in no time.

With that said, let’s get started!


What to Look for in a New Balance Running Shoe

Just like with any running shoe, a New Balance shoe will require you to research long and hard, in order to get the right pair. Granted, it can be a time-consuming process, but once you have it figured it out, you will be ready to go out and select the best pair for you. Here are some things to consider when choosing your New Balance shoe:

1. Comfort.

First things first, you will need to see if the running shoe feels good- simple as that. If you feel even the slightest of discomfort, then most likely it will not be the ideal pair for you. After all, you would not want to be running long distances in something that makes you uncomfortable, for it can cause pain to the feet, let alone increase your chances of getting injured through improper running form.

While we cannot tell you exactly just what it takes to make a shoe feel comfortable, just trusting yourself and your intuition will be the first step into acquiring a good pair.

2. Durability.

Of course, you would want a New Balance shoe which can last you a good while, especially if you tend to go out for long runs frequently. In other words, you would want something which can hold up after several hundred miles, without fraying and otherwise coming undone within a month.

Hence, the trick is to look at what it is made of, i.e. the material. Look for a blend of leather, rubber, and polyurethane material that offers that right balance of hardness and also flexibility to keep your running gait smooth, instead of feeling heavy and clunky. Looking for all of these qualities will, in the end, make for a better running experience.

3. Support.

Another aspect to note when getting a good pair of New Balance running shoes is the amount of support it can give to you. The word “support” means a number of things in this context, whether it refers to the arch, heel, or ball-of-the-foot.

Ideally, it is best to have a running shoe which can support all of these points on your foot. For example, the arch ought to have support depending on whether you have a high, medium, or low arch. As for the heel, there needs to be just the right heel-to-toe drop that is not too high and not too low, in order to soften the impact made when your foot strikes the ground.

Finally, the ball-of-the-foot area should have some padding, but just enough to allow you to push off easily with each stride you take. In the end, it is a matter of knowing what arch you are and how your feet strike and push off from the ground.

4. Breathability.

Similar to comfort, it is a good idea to find a pair of New Balance running shoes which can keep the inside of your shoe (namely, your feet) cool and dry, since you know how it must feel to running in inadequate shoes which do not absorb and otherwise wick away sweat, thereby causing it to be sweaty and odorful.

A rule of thumb when looking for a breathable running shoe is to check to see if it is made from mesh, since that is the primary material that keeps the product with constant air circulation. It is not a bad idea to try it out to see if it will work for you!

5. Style.

While this point might not be such a huge deal to some, to others it can be an important factor. After all, you might be more inclined to wear a pair which is in your favorite color or pattern, rather than one which you do not like.

Choosing one that makes you comfortable—physically and mentally—will benefit you, literally and figuratively, in the long run, rather than being dissatisfied with another.

6. Model number.

Distinctive to the New Balance brand, model numbers refer to the gender, activity, midsole features, cushioning, and version number.

For instance, the model number: MR 1080 v6 is in order of gender (M for male), activity (R for running), the level of premium (“10” for an average price, compared with “8” and “12” pairs), the amount of cushioning (“80” being categorized as a neutral pair), and v6 being the version number that has been manufactured.

While all of this might be confusing, just knowing what type of feet you have in terms of arches, running gait, and so forth will benefit you in the end.

For more information, you can check out this video to learn more about the best New Balance shoes out there: 

Top Five Best New Balance Shoes

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Consisting of a leather and rubber sole material, this particular New Balance running shoe has all the qualities that it takes to make a durable shoe. Not only that, but also it contains a dual-density collar and padded tongue for protection and comfort, respectively, so that you can run to your heart’s desire. It also comes with a blown-rubber forefoot for lightweight cushioning, which makes for a supportive item to help you push off from the ground.


  • Consists of leather and rubber sole material.
  • Contains dual-density collar and padded tongue.
  • Comes with a blown-rubber forefoot for lightweight cushioning.


  • Not as long-lasting as expected.


New Balance’s M990v3 running shoe turned out to be quite protective and comfortable, especially when it came for me to run through tough, uneven terrain. The blown-rubber forefoot served well as lightweight cushioning, which as a lovely touch. However, after two months of moderate wear, it already started falling apart, which was a shame.

Made from 75 percent synthetic and 25 percent mesh, New Balance women’s 720v3 Comfort Ride gives that breathable essence to the product, thus allowing for a cool and dry running experience no matter where you run. It is perfect for runners with neutral arches, and it consists of a molded heel insert that can be easily removed and replaced with other ones, in case you need something a bit more adaptable. Finally, its IMEVA midsole has flexible cushioning for a smooth cruise in your neighborhood.


  • Made from 75 percent synthetic and 25 percent mesh.
  • Consists of a molded heel insert for easy removable.
  • Has an IMEVA midsole for flexible cushioning.


  • Better for walking/casual wear than for running.


Overall, I found New Balance women’s 720v3 Comfort Ride to be very comfortable, as its name suggests. Besides that, its molded heel insert was a pleasure, since it makes for an easy switching out of insoles for me. The IMEVA midsole feature was a plus, since I found it so flexible and it bent to my foot’s shape while also keeping it cushioned.

However, I think it is more appropriate for casual wear and walking, since it did not feel as stable when running.

Made from a combination of synthetic and textile material, New Balance Men’s ME402v1 running shoe is a combination of flexibility and durability, respectively, while also being lightweight in design. In addition, it has a XLT foot bed cushioning, which not only offers great padding, but also cradles your feet in a lovely, comfortable way. Plus, its New Balance memory foam insole forms to your foot’s shape for a pleasurable athletic experience.


  • Made from synthetic and textile material.
  • Has a XLT food bed cushioning.
  • Consists of a New Balance memory foam insole.


  • Length and width size might be too small.


Altogether, New Balance Men’s ME402v1 running shoe had me at its XLT food bed cushioning and memory foam- they made my feet feel as if they were walking on clouds! Very much appreciated how they made me feel. The only issue was that the size, length-wise and width-wise, were too small for my feet.

With an ombre fade and a lace-keeper overlay, this distinctive New Balance running shoe offers a stylish, futuristic design which also benefits from being snug and protective in your running experience. Not only that, but also it has a Fresh Foam insole for solid padding, along with an Ortholite sockliner for a built-in form to adhere to your foot’s shape when you go out for a run.


  • Offers a stylish, futuristic design with its distinctive ombre fade.
  • Has a Fresh Foam insole for good padding and support.
  • Contains an Ortholite sockliner to adhere to your foot’s shape.


  • Can be a bit too snug, to the point of tightness.


I really liked how these New Balance shoes looked when I took them out of their package. Besides that, it was very well-padded, thanks to its Fresh Roam insole and Ortholite sockliner. Granted, I did feel as if it was just a bit too tight for my liking, which could be somewhat uncomfortable at times.

This laced-up running shoe from New Balance offers shoelaces without any need or hassle to tie up every single time when you need to go out for a run. It also features a mesh upper-layer, as well as supportive-leather overlays for a breathable, stable ride whenever you need to. Finally, its dual-density collar form offers extra protection to keep out debris when running your very hardest, so as to not distract you from the road ahead.


  • Offers a laced-up running shoe that is minimalist and effortless in design.
  • Features a mesh upper layer and supportive-leather overlays for a breathable, stable ride.
  • Has a dual-density collar form for extra protection from debris.


  • Padding in the forefoot area is too thin.


New Balance Men’s M990v4 running shoe was great for me in terms of convenience and stability; I did not have a problem lacing up one time and having them stay in place the next, so that I could easily slip them on and go out for a run within seconds. I suppose my only gripe is that the padding in the forefoot area is too thin, which feels just a tad unsupportive.

Winner of the Roundup

Overall, the winner of this roundup goes to New Balance Men's ME402V1 Running Shoe (#3).

Its combination of synthetic and textile material is great for lasting a long time, also with flexibility. The special XLT food bed cushioning and New Balance memory foam insole are the definition of ultimate comfort. Sizing can be a bit tricky, but you can always switch them out for a larger, better size.

If you have any questions on New Balance products, let us know in the Comments. Feel free to share this article, and we wish you a happy run!


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