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How To Find The Best Running Pants For Men

When it comes to the winter season, the cold weather might put you off from going outside to run as you usually do when the temperature is warmer. You might want to do nothing but stay at home, curled up in your bed and just sleep the winter away; never has the warmth inside of your home seemed so tempting.

However, even if the cold outside discourages you from going out for a run, we encourage you to do it anyway. Not only will it keep you in shape, but also it will keep you motivated and happy, in order to beat away the winter blues.

With the winter season, your running apparel has to change in time with the changing weather. From running shorts and T-shirts to running pants and jackets, doing so will make your running experience during the cold season much more manageable.

That said, we are here to help! Read more in this article to find the best running pants for men (or women) to keep you all nice and covered to go outside for that next, solid run. Soon enough, you will have to thank us for being warm and consistent with your workout.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices, choose the colors and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Things to Consider When Buying Good Running Pants

Just like with running shorts, there are a variety of different types of running pants to choose from, in order to keep you warm and toasty, not to forget prepared for the blistering cold outside. With all of the variety of running pants to choose from, the wide range of them can be daunting.

With that said, here are a few things you will need to consider when purchasing your next running pants:

1. Tights, leggings, or pants?

Once again, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to purchasing tights, leggings, and pants. Here are the differences:

  • a. Tights. Often considered thin, tights are those that must be worn under shorts or other garments since it is not thick enough to protect you entirely from the cold. That said, people wear these along with running shorts as means of keeping warm.
  • b. Leggings. Known as the “thicker version” of tights, leggings come in all sorts of styles which can be worn for sports or casual occasions. Its versatility makes it a popular garment to purchase, although its durability remains questionable: some can hold up pretty well while others not might as well after several washes.
  • c. Pants. Perhaps you have seen some hard-core athletes wear these when going out for a light jog in the cold months of the year. Some people even refer to them as “sweats,” or as used for warm ups and cool downs after a workout practice or race. They might be a bit bulky for some runners, but nonetheless keep you warm throughout the whole run.

2. Material.

Very similar to shorts, running pants are especially designed to have light, breathable fabric, while also good insulation to keep you warm during cold winter workouts. It is best to avoid those containing a lot of cotton, since it can get a bit stuffy after a while, and instead choose those with polyester and polyurethane properties, the latter being Spandex, in particular.

3. Length.

While the lengths of running pants might not be as varied as that of shorts, it is still something to consider when looking at the choices to pick from.

A general rule of thumb is to choose a pair of running pants that are not so long that the ends trail from under your feet, thereby risking you tripping over them. At the same time, they should not be short in that they do not even cover your ankles to keep out the cold.

If necessary, you might want to get tailored for this kind of pants, since the length can make a difference in terms of protecting you from the cold, as well as keeping you safe from other forces in your way (e.g. rocks, branches, dirt, etc.).

4. Accessories.

Perhaps you might want a pair of running pants that has a few distinctive accessories to make the run extra enjoyable. Having pockets to put your keys and cellphone are a plus, so that you do not need to carry them in your hands all of the time.

In addition, you can choose whether to have drawstrings to have the running pants fit to your size, or perhaps gave reflective strips alongside them should you decide to run in the evening for visibility. You will be surprised at just how many options there are out there for running apparel!

5. Comfort.

Even if a certain pair of running pants satisfies all of the requirements listed above, in the end, what determines if you purchase it or not is based on comfort. If you find yourself not enjoying the pant-wearing experience, then you are not obliged to wear them. Save yourself the money and time to buy a pair that will satisfy you in the runs to come.

For more ways on how to dress for running well this winter, here is a video for you: 

Top Five Best Running Pants for Men

Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices, choose the colors and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Consisting of an advanced, vapor-running technology, Champion’s running tights serve well for drying your body by wicking away any moisture during the run. It also has a stretchy, compressive fit to keep blood circulation going well.


  • Has moderate compression, so not too tight on your body.
  • Contains solid compression near the ankles, so no bunching around when running.
  • Is versatile for other activities, including bike rides or just walking.


  • Might not be as warm for colder temperature, such as 30 degrees Fahrenheit and below.


With Champion’s running tights, I enjoyed how it was not too restricting on my legs while also keeping them snug and protected from the wind. I live in a relatively warm environment in which temperatures do not hit that low, but I can imagine needing warmer tights than this one for colder conditions.

With a stretchy and breathable quality to it, Baleaf’s running tights also come with a fleece coating inside that is sure to keep you warm and moisture-free even for the most strenuous of exercises. It can also be used for other activities, including cycling and skiing (let alone any winter sports!).


  • Made from a blend of polyester, spandex, and fleece for comfort and warm.
  • Contains reflective material so you can stay visible when running at night.
  • Easy to get in and get out of with leg zippers.


  • Waistband is not adjustable, so can be either too loose or too tight for certain body shapes.


I was pleasantly surprised to feel the fleece material when I first slipped Baleaf Men's Outdoor Thermal Cycling Running Tights on during my last run; I was even happier to discover that it not only kept me warm, but also sweat-free from the spandex-polyester material outside of it. Only drawback would be that it was a bit tight around my waist.

This special pair of running tights is the ultimate pair for compression, keeping your legs nice and contained for improved circulation when running in even the coldest of temperatures. Doing so helps to do away with buying other products (for the calves, ankles, etc.) to supplement the need for staying warm.


  • Tight and well-fitted for all sorts of body types, thereby keeping blood circulation flowing during cold weather.
  • Made from stretchable material which not only keeps moisture away, but also prevents itching, irritation, and chafing.
  • Contains a small pocket for holding items like cellphones, keys, or wallets.


  • Might be too tight for some athletes, thus leaving marks on the skin.
  • Not specifically geared towards running in winter, thereby no guarantee for warmth.


I appreciated CompressionZ’s tight material, especially fitting my legs well and continuing the blood circulation down there which helped me run easier in the cold. However, it is not specifically a winter tight and while my neighborhood is not that cold to begin with, I can imagine that these might not hold up under colder conditions.

Made from 100 percent polyester and a Climacool ventilation feature, Adidas Men’s training pants are a good pair to consider for your next winter run. Tight and cool, they are especially good at keeping the moisture under control inside, along with keeping circulation flowing within your legs for an overall pleasant, temperate run outside in your neighborhood.


  • Made from 100 percent polyester for a lightweight feel and breathability.
  • Has a Climacool feature that keeps you both warm and well-ventilated for the run up ahead.
  • Contains zip pockets for storage, all the while keeping them contained so that items do not fall out while you are running.


  • Length of the pants might not accommodate for everyone, especially if one is too tall or too short.


When wearing Adidas Men’s running pants, I found them to be surprisingly lightweight and well-ventilated, and upon running had no trouble staying warm and cool- I have to thank Climacool for that! The zip pockets were a nice touch, as I was able to store my keys and cellphones within the compartments.

However, the length of the pants ran a bit long, considering that I am on the smaller side; I ended up having to tailor them myself, trimming them down to satisfy my leg length.

With a ratio of 87 percent polyester to 13 percent spandex, Tesla Men’s compression pants offer a delicate balance between flexibility, warmth, and coolness when worn for running. Its fleece lining also provides that extra warmth needed to keep you well-adjusted and ready for the winter cold. Its two-way circulation system does a good enough job as well for keeping you cool for running.


  • Its ratio of 87 percent polyester to 13 percent spandex offers both warmth and breathability to your legs.
  • Has a fleece lining for that extra bit of warmth for the most extreme of weather.
  • Consists of a two-way circulation system to keep cool while running.


  • Can be tight around the waist, even for the fittest of athletes.


All in all, Tesla Men’s compression pants were nice and snug, and I really do appreciate the fleece lining that gave my legs that extra warmth to stay comfortable whilst running in the coldest of cold around my neighborhood. Moisture wicking system work very well, too.

My only problem was that it was too tight around my waist, even though I am of a slim build and that the pants otherwise fit me well length-wise and so forth.

Winner of the Roundup

All in all, the winner of this roundup of running pants goes to adidas Men's Tiro 15 Training Pant (#4).

What makes this particular pair of running pants ever so special and well-deserving of winning this roundup is due to the fact that it went above and beyond with complete, 100 percent polyester material for the ultimate comfort, flexibility, and breathability features, along with its Climacool ventilation system for keeping your moisture-free and dry even during the sweatiest of workouts.

Finally, it has zip pockets for excellent storage, holding anything from your keys to your cellphone to even your wallet, should you need it!

In essence, this particular pair of running pants will make your next workout experience a noteworthy one, along with those in the future to come.

Happy running!


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