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Top 5 The Best Running Gloves To Keep You Warm

It is that time of the year when the days are shorter, the nights are longer, and temperatures outside are starting to get colder and colder with each passing day, even to the point of frost and snow! While seasons are changing, you still want to continue running outdoors, despite the soon-to-be, bone-chilling weather.

At the same time, however, you still can run outside! Do not let the freezing weather stop you from doing what you enjoy. As long as you take measures to keep yourself warm even as you run and naturally heat up, then that is the best way to go.

Besides wearing jackets, tights, and hats, also consider gloves for that extra protection for your hands and fingers which like with any other extremities in your body can tend to feel that extra touch of cold when outside. This article will help you figure out what to expect when purchasing a pair, as well as offer recommendations on the best running gloves to keep you warm. That being said, let us get started!


Things to Consider when Purchasing Running Gloves

Unlike leather or cotton gloves, those for running differ slightly based on their function and usage which compared with casual wear or style really varies. When it comes to selecting and buying a pair of running gloves, however, you will need to consider a few of these points, if not all of them:

1. Weather.

Granted, cold is cold no matter when during the winter season, but in fact, it does matter just what kind of gloves you decide to get based on the temperature spectrum, from just a bit chilly to bone-chilling cold. Here are some ones to look at:

  • a. 32 degrees Fahrenheit and below.

    Especially if you live in a very cold environment, i.e. with snow and/or frost, then it would benefit you to find heavy-duty gloves that will not only protect you from the direct cold, but also from the possible winds that come along with it.

    On the other hand, you could also do what is called a layering system, in which you put on your first pair of gloves and then a shell mitten to block the wind. Either way, it works!

  • b. 32 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

    When it tends to be warmer, then getting gloves might not be a necessary endeavor. However, you might still believe that gloves would come in handy for the weather, so perhaps investing in simple knit or synthetic gloves should do the trick.

  • c. Wind.

    As previously mentioned, sometimes the wind will add that extra chilly factor to the weather, thereby making it feel colder than it actually is. A shell mitten helps, but you might also want to consider thicker gloves or convertible ones, which can be adjusted for the hands and fingers depending on the weather situation.

2. Material.

Like any clothing item out there (e.g. jackets, track pants, ankle braces), the type of fabric of which the item is made certainly makes a huge difference in terms of comfort, usage, and convenience. Here are the common ones used in gloves:

  • a. Acrylic.

    Being stretchy and breathable, acrylic also can help you keep moderately warm from the cold.

  • b. Fleece.

    Cozy and warm, fleece is the ultimate material for blasting away the freezing temperatures when worn. However, when it comes to moisture-wick control, it is not as effective.

  • c. Polyester.

    Similar to acrylic, polyester is breathable while also offering moisture-wick control to keep away the sweat as you run.

  • d. Polypropylene.

    This specific material functions as windproof, or in other words protect your hands from the cold and dry qualities of the wind.

    That said, when all of these materials are used together, it provides a pair of gloves which satisfies the needs for keeping warm, staying dry, and protecting against the wind.

3. Practicality.

This point is pretty vague, but essentially speaking, it is based on how often you plan to put your gloves into good use. Especially if your environment is not that cold to begin with, then wearing gloves might be the priority in this sense.

On the other hand, extremely-cold conditions merit wearing gloves while running since it helps to prevent frostbite and other unpleasant effects from being out in the cold for too long.

For more ideas on buying the best running gloves, check out this video here.

Top Five Best Running Gloves for the Winter

Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Head’s running gloves are a versatile pair for not only keeping you warm while you run, but also for handling items and other advanced technology options. Its Sensatic touchscreen feature, along with its grip-easy Silicone built-in for the palms, are a few examples.


  • Compatible with Sensatic touchscreen option for smartphones so you do not need to take off your gloves to use your phone.
  • Has a silicone palm design for easy and efficient grip on slippery surfaces.
  • Is soft and snug while also being lightweight.


  • Works well for moderately-cold temperatures, but not for colder ones.


I enjoyed wearing Head’s running gloves, for not only did they keep my hands warm and toasty on my runs, but they also allow for me to use my smartphone while outside, which was fantastic.

From where I am, the weather does not get that cold for me, but I can imagine that these gloves might not be as effective for other colder places out there.

Although at first TrailHeads’ running gloves look more like mittens than actual gloves, they nevertheless still can be considered gloves with its special features like a four-way stretch system that is resistant to abrasion and the wind. It also consists of a moisture-wick control feature, which is ideal for getting rid of sweat during high-intensity practices.


  • Contains a four-way power stretch feature for doing away with wind and abrasion.
  • Has a soft inner layer to wick away moisture, e.g. sweat, during exercise.
  • Is form-fitting, so you do not need to worry about it accidentally sliding off your hands.


  • Can be a bit too narrow for certain hands, as well as difficult to get into and out of.


Considering where I live tends to be quite windy, these gloves from Trailheads are good for blocking out the wind as I run, thereby keeping my hands warm. The insides are wonderfully soft, which is another plus.

Admittedly, I have rather small hands and even found it a bit difficult to slide into and out of the gloves easily, which is my own complaint. Otherwise, a good pair!

Zensah’s running gloves are minimalist, but still pack a solid punch with small features which, little-by-little, add to the convenience of wearing them for running. From its reflective strips to micro suede thumb feature, each bit of these running gloves make for a more pleasant run in the long, cold winter days.


  • Contains a four-way Zensah stretch fabric for breathability and pleasure.
  • Has reflective strips to keep you visible when running at night or under obscured conditions.
  • Consists of a micro suede thumb to wipe your nose while exercising.


  • Touchscreen feature is not waterproof, so effects will not be as good after touching water.


My nose tends to run a lot whenever I go even for a jog, and so I greatly appreciate Zensah’s micro suede thumb feature to wipe it away, thereby saving me the trouble. Definitely is comfortable, as well as breathable with its stretchy fabric.

However, the touchscreen option for the fingers to phone stopped working after the first wash, which was disappointing, but not the end of the world.

With an extensive cuff for that extra bit of warmth around the wrists, Saucony’s gloves do their best to keep your hands and fingers contained with heat and comfort, even under the harshest of conditions. Its reflective logo is a plus for those runs you do at night, for better visibility and safety.


  • Has an extensive cuff for trapping heat and keeping your wrists warm as well.
  • Has a reflective logo for visibility at night.
  • Contains a built-in magnet to keep the pair of gloves together when not in use.


  • Is on the thin side, so not ideal for extremely cold weather.


My wrists are usually not protected from the cold, for there is always a small space between where the gloves end and my jacket sleeves begin.

With Saucony’s gloves, however, their extensive cuff closes that gap, thereby keeping my wrists tight and warm underneath. I do not live in extremely-cold weather, so these gloves work well for me, but I understand that they can be a bit thin for colder environments out there.

Lightweight and able to be packed away to save space, Pearl Izumi’s gloves are a good pair to consider taking with you when outside. Its PRO Thermal Lite fabric is a solid addition, too, for keeping your hand warm as much as possible, regardless of the temperature.


  • Is lightweight and simple to pack for easy storage.
  • Works for temperatures as low as the 30’s Fahrenheit.
  • Also useful for cycling and walking in cold temperatures.


  • Not touchscreen compatible.


I found Pearl Izumi’s gloves to be surprisingly light, almost no weight at all, which made it easy to pack away for camping trips or for runs.

Only thing is that it is not compatible with touchscreens on phones, which can be an inconvenience when having to take them off each time you want to use your smartphone.

Winner of the Roundup

At the end of the day, the winner of this roundup goes to Head Multi-Sport Running Gloves (#1).

What sets this pair of gloves apart from the others is its all-around quality features, including the silicone palm grip for wet, slippery conditions, along with touchscreen compatibility for when you want to use your smartphone outside on your run.

Finally, it protects well from moderate cold, and is lightweight enough to add a mitten shell over it just in case the weather gets colder.

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