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When Is The Best Time To Go Running? We Have Answers!

Perhaps you are an avid runner who loves nothing but the feel of the wind against your chest, your arms, your legs as you pump them up and down while on the asphalt. You probably dedicate most of your day to a nice, long jog around the block, making sure that you satisfy your daily dose of exercise for the day. You are absolutely passionate when it comes the running and really, you would not miss anything for this moment.

That said, perhaps you are interested in knowing just when it the best time to go running? After all, running can be done at any time of the day, or even night, but you want to figure out if there is a more optimal time to do so, in order to maximize the benefits of getting faster and stronger with each workout.

You might not be very certain as to when is the ideal moment to go running, but have no fear: we are here to help! In this article, we will be answering some of your frequently-asked questions to get you well on your way to determining the best time for you to go running. Soon enough, you will improve and become a better runner.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!


What are the health benefits to running?

Of course, you know that running can make you stronger by building muscles, but aside from that, there are many other reasons as to why you ought to take up running. In other words, there are other health benefits out there, and we list just a few down below:

  • 1. Running improves your cardiovascular system. Just what does “cardiovascular” refer to, you might ask? Essentially, it is the system in your body which focuses on the heart. By running regularly, you help to make your heart stronger, for each time you exercise, you are making it pump blood harder as means of transferring it more quickly to the lungs, legs, and other parts of the body which running requires.
  • 2. Running prevents disease. This goes off the previous point, for it is a long-term result of running. By having a stronger heart and well-balanced bodily system, you can actually lower your chances of getting cardiovascular diseases, as well as avoid getting Type 2 diabetes. Indeed, there are many physical health benefits to running, so it does not hurt to give it a try!
  • 3. Running boosts your mood. Aside from physical health benefits, there are plenty of mental health benefits related to running. After you run, your body releases what are called endorphins, also known as “feel-good chemicals” which are sort of your body’s natural painkillers to relax yourself after a long, strenuous workout. It gives you what is called a “runner’s high,” and having it can certainly be a great feeling, which can then encourage you to run more in the future.
  • 4. Running makes you social. Especially if you tend to run with people, running can make you more inclined to interact with and talk to others. Considering that you are all in this together, it establishes a sense of comradery, as means of inspiring and pushing each other to move forward. As a result, you can make great friends and become more outgoing, all the while getting into excellent shape!

However, even if you do not tend to run with people, you can still benefit from running alone by feeling more at ease. In other words, running can be a great way to calm down, especially if a long day at work, and enjoying the great outdoors can be therapeutic, to say the least.

When is the best time to go running?

There are benefits and drawbacks to running at certain times in the day, whether early morning, mid-day, or evening. Here, we break down the different times to give you an idea of each one:

a. Early morning.

Generally speaking, early mornings are not the most desirable time for runners, especially those who are adverse to waking up so early. Physically, your body is quite low on energy during this time, as well as with stiff muscles, but also you are at your most motivated self. Many people who choose to work out in the morning end up feeling refreshed and energized afterwards, including motivated to get the rest of their day started.

b. Mid-day.

A good number of people choose to exercise at noon time during their lunch break at work or at school, perhaps due to the fact that it is probably their only free time in their day. Similar to the early morning, your body might experience a lull in energy, just because of having worked all morning and needing food to fuel you up.

However, it is not a bad time, just because you ought to take advantage of any free opportunity you have to exercise, even if you know that you will have to get back to work afterwards.

c. Afternoon and evening.

Many people prefer to work out during this portion of the day, particularly after work and just before dinner. This is due to the fact that, physically speaking, your body is in its peak shape, with looser muscles and a more-relaxed body that makes it easier to run longer and faster.

While mentally you might not feel encouraged to work out, especially after a long, exhausting day of work, your body will be at its best to do so. That said, we encourage you to hit the gym (or trails) to get some running in. You might be surprised to find out that it will energize you right up!

For more information on the best time to go running, check out this video here: 


Overall, there is no perfect time to go running. Rather, it depends very much on yourself, your schedule and preferences, in order to determine whether you prefer running in the morning or the evening. By taking the time to do so, you will find the best time to go running for you.

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