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The Best Winter Tights This Holiday Season

Feeling the cold this holiday season? Whether you live in an area which snows or not, granted you still probably experience the freezing temperatures outside of your home. Having this extreme sort of weather might also dissuade you from going out on a run, especially since you are so accustomed to wearing nothing but shorts for your legs.

However, you can still make it out for a nice, long run even in the cold months. In other words, knowing how to stay warm outside while also making sure that you do not overheat during the exercise is the way to go. Running tights are one solution, for they can block out the chill from your bare skin while still providing you the flexibility and freedom to run smoothly.

That said, this article will be your go-to guide for finding the best winter tights for you this holiday season. Whether to run or simply to go outside for a walk, these tights will be the answer to the cold season. Without further ado, let us get started!


What to Look for When Buying Winter Tights

From practical to stylish, there are a variety of tights out there to choose from. In the case of athletic wear, however, there are specific types—color and fabric—which you will need to consider before purchasing them. In any case, here are a few aspects to look into when shopping around for your next winter tights for running:

1. Size and length.

Just like with any kind of clothing item out there (e.g. shoes, pants, socks), tights will need to fit you just right so that it is more of a convenience rather than a hassle to put on, otherwise dissuading you from wearing them in the first place.

Practically-speaking, you will need to make sure of two aspects: size around your waist and legs and length along your legs. The former needs to fit just right, without making your waist and legs feel too constricted. The latter needs to be neither too long nor too short, so that you will not need to worry about adjusting them whenever they ride up and form wrinkles, or “ladders” as they are called on the tights themselves.

Size and shape matters, for it can determine how comfortable and willing you are to wear them for each run outdoors for you.

2. Color.

You might have noticed the trend in recent years about tights getting more colorful and snazzy, as means of catering to all sorts of different tastes and preferences. Being athletic, however, it might not be as big of a deal to reflect on, but in any case, you have your options to choose from:

  • Black.
    Often the popular color chosen, black tights are good in that they are darker and harder to tell when they are dirty, thereby lasting a solid amount of time before you need to wash them.
  • Nude.
    As the name implies, these are skin-colored tights which give the illusion that you have bare legs, rather than extra protection over them. They tend to look dirtier than their black equivalents, just because they are lighter in color, but otherwise they do the trick as well.
  • Patterned.
    From stripes to polka dots to intricate, flowery designs, many tights have patterns to spice up your wardrobe, as well as your run. If you especially want to show off your fashion tastes, why not wear these?

3. Fabric.

Especially when it comes to the long, cold months, selecting a good fabric has got to be the most important factor out there. You do not want to buy anything too transparent or too thin since it will do just as much as if you were not to wear tights at all (in other words, you would still be freezing!).

One aspect you might also want to check out is the denier (D), or the mass weight and density of fibers in clothing. Typically, looking for tights of 40 denier and over is best for protecting your legs during the cold season. Here are some materials to look out for when looking around for winter tights:

  • Knits.
    Thick and wooly, knitted tights are not much different from stockings during the holiday season. While they certainly keep you warm, they might not be very breathable which especially if you are exercising and sweating, they will most likely not absorb liquid well.
  • Opaque.
    Sort of similar to Spandex, opaque tights are a common material for athletes to wear, for they are flexible, durable, and can keep your legs breathing and comfortable. More often than not, you will see many runners sporting this particular material for tights.
  • Nylon and cotton.
    Pairing these two materials together yields a breathable, comfortable, and form-fitting pair of tights which, along with opaque, is not a bad option to consider for exercising in. Give it a go!

For more on what to expect with running tights, here is a video for you to check out:

Top Five Best Winter Tights for Running

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With a stretchy and breathable quality to it, Baleaf’s running tights also come with a fleece coating inside that is sure to keep you warm and moisture-free even for the most strenuous of exercises. It can also be used for other activities, including cycling and skiing (let alone any winter sports!).


  • Made from a blend of polyester, spandex, and fleece for comfort and warm.
  • Contains reflective material so you can stay visible when running at night.
  • Easy to get in and get out of with leg zippers.


  • Waistband is not adjustable, so can be either too loose or too tight for certain body shapes.


I was pleasantly surprised to feel the fleece material when I first slipped these tights on during my last run; I was even happier to discover that it not only kept me warm, but also sweat-free from the spandex-polyester material outside of it. Only drawback would be that it was a bit tight around my waist.

This special pair of running tights is the ultimate pair for compression, keeping your legs nice and contained for improved circulation when running in even the coldest of temperatures. Doing so helps to do away with buying other products (for the calves, ankles, etc.) to supplement the need for staying warm.


  • Tight and well-fitted for all sorts of body types, thereby keeping blood circulation flowing during cold weather.
  • Made from stretchable material which not only keeps moisture away, but also prevents itching, irritation, and chafing.
  • Contains a small pocket for holding items like cellphones, keys, or wallets.


  • Might be too tight for some athletes, thus leaving marks on the skin.
  • Not specifically geared towards running in winter, thereby no guarantee for warmth.


I appreciated CompressionZ’s tight material, especially fitting my legs well and continuing the blood circulation down there which helped me run easier in the cold. However, it is not specifically a winter tight and while my neighborhood is not that cold to begin with, I can imagine that these might not hold up under colder conditions.

Water-resistant and useful for storing a variety of objects, Yana’s 2-in-1 running tights are a good choice to consider for your active, day-to-day life. They also come in an abundance of different sizes to choose from, therefore not having to worry about buying only a set size for your body type.


  • Made from a nylon and spandex blend for comfort and compression.
  • Has a wicking feature to keep your legs dry and free of moisture.
  • Has a higher waistband which does away with having to adjust them when they ride down during workouts.


  • Sizes do tend to run a bit smaller than usual.


For me, Yana’s running tights were both comfortable and wonderful for helping me store my cellphone and keys for runs, since I tend to carry them with me. Only thing is that the first pair that I bought was a tad too small, even at my exact size; now I know that it helps to buy a size up for the best fit and experience.

Lightweight and comfortable, Funnyoga’s athletic pants are made from spandex for a stretchy, flexible experience, along with velvet for keeping warm during the harshest of temperatures in the winter. Its anti-microbial quality helps with ventilation, thereby keeping you dry and odor-free.


  • Adjusts to the curves and contours of your body, giving you a flattering, form-fitting look.
  • Is flexible and soft, with a thickness just right for protecting against the winter cold.
  • lso good for casual wear, whether at home or running errands.


  • Leg length do come slightly longer, which might require cuffing for adjustment.


I have filled Nalgene’s water bottle with both cold and hot water and have been impressed with how well it held up under such temperatures. Yet, I wished that it would insulate the water better, since it tends to go lukewarm within a short period of time.

Usually, I don’t like how certain tights give me an unflattering figure, but with Funnyoga’s, I am happy with how they adjust to each curve of my body. Granted, the leg length is a bit long, as I have rather short legs, but it is not a big problem.

Consisting of an advanced, vapor-running technology, Champion’s running tights serve well for drying your body by wicking away any moisture during the run. It also has a stretchy, compressive fit to keep blood circulation going well.


  • Has moderate compression, so not too tight on your body.
  • Contains solid compression near the ankles, so no bunching around when running.
  • Is versatile for other activities, including bike rides or just walking.


  • Might not be as warm for colder temperature, such as 30 degrees Fahrenheit and below.


With Champion’s running tights, I enjoyed how it was not too restricting on my legs while also keeping them snug and protected from the wind. I live in a relatively warm environment in which temperatures do not hit that low, but I can imagine needing warmer tights than this one for colder conditions.

Winner of the Roundup

From all of the five options listed here, the winner of this roundup would have to go to Baleaf Women's Thermal Fleece Running Cycling Tights (#1).

The Best Winter Tights

Not only are they made from the good materials previously listed, e.g. nylon, but also they have a special, built-in fleece material to give you that extra warmth when you run. It is a convenient pair to purchase, especially easy for adjusting and slipping on and off before and after each workout.

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