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Does Running Give You Abs? The Amazing Answer And More

Perhaps you are a dedicated, hard-core runner who loves to go out for an early morning jog every day before you head off to school or to work. Or maybe you are an ultra-athlete who is training for the next marathon, and so you log in tons of miles each week. Whatever the case is, you love feeling the runner’s high every time you finish a run, as well as the health benefits that come along with it.

In terms of health benefits, running not only helps your body stay healthy through an improved cardiovascular system and stronger heart, but also through maintaining a lean, toned physique that you are proud of having. That said, you love your legs, but might want to also get a six pack to round it off. You might be wondering then, if running alone gives you abs. This might be uncertain, so in that case, we are here to help!

Read on to learn more in this article on whether running gives you abs or not. We will be taking your frequently-asked questions and answering them, as well as give you some tips and tricks to enhance your athletic goals in the future. Soon enough, you will be well on your way to an even better body.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


What are some health benefits to running?

As previously mentioned, running has many physical health benefits that gives you all the more reason to go out for a run. When it comes to the inside of your body, running boosts cardiovascular health, including a stronger heart that pumps more blood throughout your system, with each beat strong and consistent. It also helps build strong bones, since it is a weight-bearing workout, as well as burn off calories that might otherwise be in excess.

Of course, running also helps with your physique: while it will depend on your naturally body type and shape, running has the potential to slim you down, thereby giving you that lean, toned look throughout. It works out the legs, from quadriceps to hamstrings to calves, as well as hips and even the feet, which take a lot of pounding on the road.

Finally, running helps your health mentally, not only with the runner’s high, but also with a generally improved outlook on life. It can help reduce depression and anxiety, and it can even make you more outgoing, especially if you tend to run in groups. Overall, quality of life is improved, and so you can expect to be in a calmer, cheerier state than if you were not to do so.

Does running give you abs?

While running certainly helps to burn off fat in your body, it does not give you abs, at least not directly.

If anything, running targets more of the heart and legs than the midsection, but at the very least, having abs is a by-product of running itself.

What are the benefits to having abs in running?

While many runners without visible abs run just fine, if not better than those with a six-pack, it is very true that having visible abdominal muscles can give you an advantage in running faster and more efficiently.

Not only that, but also it help with posture, particularly with your shoulders and back, since then you will not need to rely on those two areas when attempting to scale a steep hill on your run. Plus, having abs keeps your core stable and secured to take on just about anything, at whatever cost.

What are some ways to get abs?

Getting that perfectly-sculpted six pack is not just a matter of doing a million crunches each day (in fact, it will not work), but rather developing a practical, detailed regime that focuses on two essential things: proper food and exercise. Here, we list just a few of the important points you ought to consider, should you decide that you would like to get abs:

1. Reassess your kitchen pantry.

Especially if you tend to eat a lot of junk food items like chips, candy, and soda, you might want to reconsider having them if you are interested in getting abs than not. In fact, eating such food, especially in large, frequent quantities, will certainly set you back in terms of getting the lean physique that you want.

Therefore, it helps to clear out your pantry of any highly-processed foods and replace them with plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean meat, and whole grains to fuel your body in an efficient manner. Depending on whether your goal is to bulk up or slim down, the ratio of these five food groups will vary; for instance, you would need more lean meat for bulking up than not.

2. Perform core exercises.

This is not simply a matter of doing sit-ups, but also incorporating other core exercises into the mix. From planks to Russian twists, there is a myriad of different workouts that target different areas of the core, not just the center where the abs are most visible.

That said, it is extremely helpful to engage in all-around core workouts to help whittle down that waistline by targeting the obliques, hip flexors, lower and upper abs, and even the lower back. By doing these exercises consistently, you can be sure to see some results later down the line.

For some ab workouts, check out this video: 

3. Know your fat percentage.

While there is no exact fat percentage range to obtaining abs, it is on average for an athlete to have a fat percentage ranging anywhere from 6 to 20 percent, for both men and women. Hence, it is a matter of setting a realistic goal of burning off fat in order to make those abs visible, as well as knowing your body’s limits of doing so in a healthy fashion.


Overall, running does not directly give you abs, but it can certainly do so second-handedly. By having a well-balanced diet and engaging in ab-targeting workouts, you can be sure to be well on your way to that fabulous six pack!

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