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Does Running Help Lose Weight In Your Stomach? We Have Answers!

When it comes to running, perhaps you are an incredibly dedicated runner who trains their hardest in order to achieve the fastest and strongest conditions that you can be. From early-morning jogs to evening runs, you spent most of your free time getting into excellent shape, as means of a personal achievement that you are proud to call your own.

That said, from all of the running you have done, perhaps you have noticed a change in your body’s physique. That is to say, perhaps you have started to notice definition in your thighs and calves, as well as stronger arms to pump you through even the most grueling of workouts. You are pleased with the results, and you hope to maintain them.

At the same time, however, maybe you are wondering if running helps you whittle down your waistline, as means of attaining a flatter, more attractive stomach? While you are not sure about this thought, there is no need to fear; we are here to help! Read on to learn more in this article on whether running helps you lose weight in the stomach area. We will be answering some of your deep, burning questions related to this topic, and soon enough, you will be on your way to an even better body than before.

Without further ado, let’s get right down to it!


What are the benefits to a flat stomach?

Of course, you have probably heard (and believed) that having a flat stomach is attractive, at least by Western standards. However, there are actual health benefits for having abdominal muscles, and we list just a few below:

1. Improves your posture.

By having tighter stomach muscles, they actually help to pull the body inward, which consequently results in a straighter spine. That said, they can improve your posture, and from that it can make things run more efficiently in your body. You will find that you will have less muscle strain, cramps, and even injuries from a stronger core and better back.

2. Enhances self-confidence.

This might be attributed both to a sense of good health and a sense of looking good, but all the same, having a flat stomach helps boost your mental state. Now, you can feel confident enough to go out and wear a bikini, or perhaps go out to a party wearing a nice, form-fitting dress, without having to feel self-conscious about yourself.

3. Offers a general state of good health.

Really, having a flat stomach often indicates a state of good health. Studies have shown that having a slight pooch in the tummy can be harmful, a possible sign of getting type 2 diabetes or otherwise poor cardiovascular health. By having not only a slim waistline, but also a strong one, it can lower your chances of getting sick in the future.

4. Makes you attractive.

Again, under Western notions of beauty, having a flat stomach, let alone abs, makes you attractive. This goes hand-in-hand with self-confidence, for it can boost your self-worth. It is a plus to look good, all the while be happy and healthy!

Does running help you lose weight in the stomach?

While running can certainly assist in trimming your waistline, it is not the only thing that causes the belly fat to burn off. In fact, you will need to combine it with other aspects, including a better diet and specific workouts which target the core area. Having a combination of all three will then help you lose weight in the stomach.

What are some ways to tone your stomach?

As previously mentioned, running alone will not tone your stomach. You will need to do specific activities in order to whittle your waistline, and so we provide a few options you can do down below:

I. Change your diet

You can exercise all you want, but if your diet is poor (i.e. high in junk food), then that is enough to offset any progress in your body’s physique. Hence, you will have to be serious and modify your diet.

It is not only a matter of eating more fruits, vegetables, and proteins, but also having a calorie deficit. After all, the goal is to lose the fat in your belly, and from there tone the core muscles for more definition. This is not to say that you starve yourself, but a reasonable cut in the normal amount of calories you consume is a good starting point.

In additionally, having a balanced diet with enough fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and lean protein is the way to go. Soon enough, you should start seeing results in conjunction with exercise.

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2. Add core exercises.

Aside from continuing to run, it is important to incorporate core exercises into your daily workouts; they will target your stomach muscles, and from that enhance them.

What are some examples of core exercises? Basic sit-ups are a common go-to, but what can be more effective are planks, leg lifts, and Russian twists. Spicing it up with various core exercises will work out different parts of the abs, from the upper to the lower, thereby giving you an all-around toned look.

3. Perform circuit training.

Participating in both running and core exercises are the way to go for a flatter stomach, but taking it to the next level with circuit training can be even better. In fact, it incorporates both running and core training in one workout, which can be intense but in the end can be a rewarding experience.

Hence, it is a matter of alternating between a few minutes of core workout, followed by short sprints along the track. You will be well-conditioned at the end of the day, we guarantee you!

For more information on running and a flat stomach, check out this video here: 


Overall, running does not burn belly fat alone. It is a matter of incorporating core exercises and a proper diet to achieve this goal, and we promise you that you will see results in the end!

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