How To Achieve Long Run

How To Achieve Long Run And Breathe Correctly

This article aims to give you instruction on maintaining your long distance run in the right way. In addition, we also provide you tips how to breathe accurately and to improve your cardio, endurance. As you all know the famous mojo “No pain, no gain.” You will be amazed at the result if following the instruction and not giving up. Let’s get started


1- Know how to run correctly

Most of you think that running is easy by putting on your shoes and hitting the road. Then, you should think of it again. Without knowing the basic of running, you can injure yourself and get more difficulties to achieve your long distance run goal.

  • Keep your arms’ movement comfortably
  • Relax your body instead of keeping it stiffly
  • Breathe in by nose and breathe out by mouth
  • Make sure that you are running with an appropriate pair of shoes to comfort your feet.

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2- Set the time

Before setting the time goal, you need to understand your current capability in running. Keep a watch with you while running to see how long you can maintain

.- Now you are ready to set the time. If you can run for 15 minutes, then your goal should be 30 minutes. If you can run for 30 minutes, then your possible goal should be 45 minutes. Do not force your body too hard to achieve high goal in such a short time. Your body need time to adjust and improve

- Keep on walking even though you are extremely exhausted and your feet start to hurt. You can then feel that your endurance is getting much better for a couple of days.

3- Ignore the speed

You can run at your own speed and focus on running a longer distance. Running fast is not a good choice for everyone. It tires you faster and makes you want to give up. My advice is that helping your body get used to running long distance first then you can think about speed later on

4- Supply energy

What did you eat and drink before running? If you are too full or drink a lot of water, you cannot run efficiently.

  • Please notice that you should not start running right after you just eat.
  • You can supply enough energy for your body by consuming some walnuts, one banana or some bread with peanut butter one hour before of you run
  • Remember to take a bottle of mineral water in your running backpack when you run.

5- Follow the schedule but do not push yourself too hard

You should follow your running schedule to improve your endurance. In your schedule, please make some time for your body recovery, forming muscles and strengthening them. Do not run every day. You should rest 1 or 2 days per week

6- Walk as needed

When your body gives you a warning that it can not run anymore, you can slow down and walk. Keep on walking until you feel that you can run again. Especially for new runners, by switching running and walking, you can reach your long distance goal.

Then gradually you can increase the time of running and cutting the time of walking every time you hit the road.

7- Sprint

Try to sprint 2-3 times every 6-week

  • Carefully warm up. Sprint puts a lot of pressure on your muscles. Therefore you need to warm up to prevent injuries
  • Sprint for 30 seconds with 50% of your capability then rest for 2 minutes
  • Sprint for 30 seconds with 80% of your capability then rest for 2 minutes
  • Sprint for 30 seconds with 100% of your capability then rest for 2 minutes
  • Repeat this process for 8 times

In conclusion

Please remember that I can only advice you the right method to run. The person who actually run is you. You can not see the result if you give up. Keep on fighting

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