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4 Important Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Callus Remover

As an avid runner, you probably have a lot of experience not only running a lot, but also dealing with a lot of inconveniences along the way, especially when it pertains to injuries, even abnormal growths on your feet.

One of them is calluses, which often form either underneath or alongside your feet (as well as on hands), caused by tissue chaffing due to friction when running. As a result, it causes a hardening or thickening of it, leaving a whitish, rather unattractive blemish on your feet, not only possible foot pain.

In either case, you would like to get rid of them but, with the sheer number of preventions, cures, and treatments out there, you might have a difficult time choosing one to get started with. You might end up settling with using a callus remover, but again, the problem of selecting the best one can leave you a bit hesitant to initiate.

With all that said, there is no need to worry about it: we are here to help you out! In this article, we will offer you the best tips and tricks to get the best callus remover, as well as a few selections to get you well on your way. Soon enough, your feet will be callus-free in no time. Let us get right down to it!


Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Callus Remover

Before you go ahead and select that attractive-looking callus remover from the top shelf of your local pharmacy, it is important to take a step back and reflect for a bit. Doing so not only ensures that you get the right kind for your needs, but also prevents you from wasting money in the first place.

That said, we are giving you a list of things to consider before purchasing a callus remover. Although brief, these tips are necessary for you:

1. Safety And Gentleness

First things first, you need to consider just how safe the callus remover is, let alone how gentle. When looking for the ideal type, ask yourself if it is made from hard, metallic material or soft, pliable one? Next, imagine using it on your feet or hands and if you especially have particularly-sensitive hands and feet, consider if the item will be gentle on them.

After all, not all callus removers are made alike, so it is a matter of looking into how safe it is to use, since you would not want to get anything worse from the situation already!

2. Types Of Callus Removers

Believe it or not, there are a surprisingly wide variety of callus removers out there on the market. From the newest technology to the traditional seal-and-peel, there are certain styles which might work better for you than others. It comes down to knowing what you need in the first place. Here are some of the most common ones to look into:

  • Electric Callus Removers: Popular among users who would like to get their annoying calluses removed quickly, electric callus removers are the way to go. They are especially good for being able to apply in just about any area of the body, sort of like a shaving razor.

In addition, they are best for using on medium to large-sized calluses, which is great for those who have a large amount of dead skin cells to get rid of. However, they are not very advisable for small ones, and it is best to be careful when operating it, to prevent it from burning the skin.

  • Callus Peels: On the other hand, callus peels are non-electric items which also work great on medium to large-sized calluses. They are literally patches which you put in and around the affected area, before being left on for a few minutes and then taken off to scrape away the softened dead skin cells.

While callus peels are very convenient for those who do not want to invest in an electric callus remover (since it can be quite pricey), they are not advisable for people with diabetes, since if not careful, they can cause cracked skin and bleeding which can lower the blood pressure of the body.

  • Callus Gels: Very similar to callus peels, callus gels are also appropriate for applying, especially to extra-large calluses. As they are in liquid form, it is merely a matter of applying it to the affected area to let the skin cells soften before scraping them off. Again, they are not advisable to use for people with diabetes, so it is essential to be cautious about it.
  • Home remedies: Finally, there are the old-school home remedies, which are perfect for small calluses. They are the most inexpensive method to perform, as you are essentially using everyday household items. Granted, they require a bit more patience to work, but the results are safe and rewarding.

For some home remedy examples, our article on calluses will help you get started.

3. Callus Size And Severity

Similar to what was previously discussed, it is imperative to see just how large and how severe your callus situation is. After all, they are not like bunions and not all callus removers are made alike to do the same job.

That said, it is a matter of testing the area by examining and gently touching the affected part to better gauge which remover is best for you. Granted, it is not the most comfortable method, but it will give you a much better idea of what to look for, thereby saving you time and money in the process.

4. Price Range.

 Finally, there is the discussion of your budget and what you are willing to pay for it. A rule of thumb is that, the worse your callus situation is, the more you will have to pay for items like an electric callus remover or a physician’s work. On the other hand, if it is a relatively-mild callus, then home remedies will be your best (and least expensive) bet.

However, there are ways to find good deals for these particular items, so it does not hurt to scour for them! For ways on how to get rid of calluses, check out this video here: 

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Top 5 Best Callus Remover

With three times the power compared with normal electric callus removers, this particular item from Own Harmony is sure to help you remove those dead skin cells in no time.

Not only that, but also they can be recharged once to be used multiple times, so that you do not need to keep constantly recharging! It is easy to use just about anywhere, and it also works as a scrubber to massage your feet!


  • Has three times the power compared with other removers.
  • Can be recharged once for multiple uses.
  • Doubles as a scrubber to clean and massage the feet.


  • Does not hold a charge over the long term.


I found Own Harmony’s electric callus remover to be quite useful. It was surprisingly powerful when it came to scraping off the callus on my feet, which I admit is quite thick. Plus, it can clean and massage my feet, thereby leaving them smooth and comfortable. However, within a span of ten months, it failed to hold a charge anymore.

Ergonomic and rechargeable, Dr. HeiZ’s electric callus remover is incredibly easy to hold and use wherever you are, from sitting on your couch to a table countertop; plus, you can use your phone or outlet to recharge, so there is no hassle of constantly having to change out the batteries.

It is also distinctive for its LED light, which is built in to help you see what you are removing for safety and clarity. Finally, it contains two roller heads for double the removal, as well as being made from both trace metal and mineral for easy clean-up.


  • Rechargeable through phone or outlet for convenience.
  • Has a LED light for clarity and safety when removing calluses.
  • Contains two roller heads for quicker removal and easier clean-up.


  • Switching between removal and cleaning can be a tricky process.


Dr. HeiZ’s rechargeable callus remover was quite the useful tool to have around the house, especially when it came to removing my unattractive calluses. I really liked how it could be recharged through my phone, as well as guided me through the process with the LED light. Granted, it was a bit tough alternating between removing and cleaning up the debris, but in the end, it made for an efficient item.

Spinning up to 40 times per second, this electric callus remover from Naturalico is one of the fastest, most efficient kinds out there. It ensures a speedy and clean process, all the while being water-resistant, should you ever encounter that. In addition, it has a personal touch to your exfoliated needs, being able to clean away every inch and corner of your callused feet, no matter how thick and tough it is!


  • Spins up to 40 times per second for one of the fastest, efficient items out there.
  • Is water-resistant to ensure safety.
  • Offers personalized features to exfoliate and clean up your feet in no time.


  • Only removes the top layer, but not any deeper.


After putting it to good use, I found Nautralico’s electric callus remover to be very fast-spinning, which helped whittle my calluses down in a matter of a few minutes. The fact that it is water-resistant helps, too. However, I wish that it could go deeper, since it was only able to remove the top, surface layer.

Resembling something like a cheese grater, Markartt’s coarse callus remover is ideal for the thick and hefty calluses that require somewhat of elbow grease to remove. It is made from strong and durable stainless steel, thereby ensuring the ultimate salon-style pedicure, without the added price! Soon enough, you can be on your way to smooth, soft feet sooner than later.


  • Ideal for thick and hefty calluses.
  • Made from strong and durable stainless steel.
  • Contains a non-slip handle for ergonomic facility.


  • Might be uncomfortable to use.


I have especially thick, crusty calluses, so having Markartt’s coarse callus remover was a relief. It has helped scraped off a considerable amount of the dead skin cells, all the while making my feet smooth and baby-soft in no time. The non-slip handle was great for stability as well. Only gripe is that it is not the most-comfortable tool to use, but then again, it is like a cheese grater.

Containing a single on/off button for easy activation, Pamperped’s rechargeable electric callus remover is an easy, but efficient tool to remove those irritating calluses from your feet. Besides that, it is long-lasting with its rechargeable features, which can remain in operation for hours on end. Finally, it is affordable, which beats having to go to the salon for double, even triple, the cost!


  • Contains a single on/off button for easy activation.
  • Is long-lasting and simple to recharge.
  • Is affordable compared with salon price.


  • Can be a bit too sensitive when pressed down.


Pamperped’s rechargeable electric callus remover certainly did the trick when removing my thick layer of callused feet. The easy on/off button feature was convenient and it got rid of so much dead skin, more so than at the salon! Granted, it is a bit overly sensitive if you press down too hard, but otherwise, it gets the job done efficiently.

Winner of the Roundup

Overall, Dr. HeiZ Rechargeable Callus Remover with LED Light (#2) is the winner of this roundup. With features such as being easy to recharge, powerful with two rollers, and a LED light for safety and guidance, it is the perfect tool to use for beginners and professionals alike.

If you know friends and family who have callused hands and feet, then why not share this article with them? Comment on your experiences with calluses; we would be happy to hear them!


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