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How To Choose The Best Running Shoes For Big Guys

When it comes to running, it does not discriminate based on your height, weight, age, or gender: it is an all-inclusive sport, able to be done easily with a slip of the running shoes and a place to do even just a couple of laps around, whether on a track or in your neighborhood.

That said, perhaps you are surprised that running can be so inclusive of all sorts of body shapes and types: especially if you are on the bigger, heavier side, it can be discouraging to watch other runners do their training on the track. Again, we emphasize that running is not for only those who are already slim and lean to begin with, but also for bigger, heavier people.

Now that you have come around to accepting running as an all-inclusive sport, perhaps you are ready to get started. You will need to get a pair of running shoes that will suit you well, considering that not all of them come in the same sizes and shapes, let alone fit with every foot type. In this article, we will help you select the best running shoes for big guys, and soon enough, you will be on your way to running your very best.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Things to Consider Before Purchasing Running Shoes for Big Guys

First things first, you will need to do your research in order to find the best running shoes for you. It is not simply a matter to choosing a running shoe based on its reputation or style, but more so on its characteristics and qualities to make sure that it works to your advantage. All the same, we give you some points to consider before making your final purchase:

1. Foot shape and size.

A no-brainer, this point is important for making sure that your shoes are neither too large nor too small, to the point of discomfort. After all, you will be wearing them for strenuous activities, so it is essential that you remain as comfortable and as supported as possible.

As a rule of thumb, it helps to buy a size larger than your normal foot size, just to ensure that the toe box area has enough space for your toes to breathe. In addition, the shape of the shoe should be neither too wide nor too narrow, but just the right fitting to your foot.

2. Outsole support.

Especially if you are a bigger runner, you will exert one to three times the amount of pressure on your body with each step you take. That said, it is a matter of having a hefty outsole support, in order to keep you stabilized and absorb the shock to your system as you run. Look for a thick sole outside and around the shoe you make sure that it will work for you.

3. Pronation features.

This point refers to arch support, which can vary depending on what type you have. From high arches to low arches, finding a running shoe which can adapt to the curve of your arch will help you improve your pronation. It can help you correct over-pronation and under-pronation, and in the end help with your running form to prevent injuries from happening.

For a general idea of what running shoe to choose for you, check out this video: 

What You Can Do to Run Better

Especially if you are a bigger runner, you end up putting one to three times your body weight of shock whenever you run, which can impact your joints and muscles. If you do not have proper training, then it can lead to over-pronation, even injuries. That said, we offer some advice to help you run better:

1. Practice good running form.

Granted, this process can be a difficult one, especially if you are so accustomed to running a certain way for a long time. Particularly when you are running, it can be all too easy just to start off strong with proper running form, then have it slip up by the end of the run.

Our advice, however, is to continue to try and try again to practice good running form, no matter how hard it is. Be constantly conscious of how your feet pronate, as well as how your body moves overall. Correct yourself when you notice yourself starting to slip up. While it can be a struggle at first, eventually you will come to adopt the form, and soon enough, you will be able to run to your heart’s desire in perfect form.

For a video on practicing good running form, check it out here: 

2. Run on softer surfaces.

Hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt can be especially bad on the knees and joints, also particularly when it comes to bigger runners. Although your usual running route consists of hard surfaces, try to change it up by minimizing the amount of hard surfaces you run on, and instead look for opportunities to run on softer surfaces.

Softer surfaces include grass and compact sand, which help to cushion the shock from the foot striking the ground with each step you take. In other words, they are nature’s “cushion,” so that you will not feel as much of the solid ground as you normally would when running entirely on them. Granted, you might find it a bit odd, even awkward, at first to run on soft surfaces, but once your body gets adjusted to it, it should not be a problem from there.

3. Get insoles (if necessary).

Sometimes, you just need that extra bit of cushioning to support you whenever you run. Not only that, but also insoles help support your arches, as means of preventing them from collapsing when you take the trail step-by-step.

From simple, over-the-counter orthotics you can get at your local drugstore to professionally-tailored ones, insoles have the power to keep you comfortable and at ease when you run, so that you can do so without any problem.

Top Five Best Running Shoes for Big Guys

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Made from a combination of synthetic and mesh material, Nike Men’s Downshifter 6 running shoe makes for an excellently-durable and breathable product that is perfect for going out for a long, strenuous run. The shaft measures almost three inches from the arch, which offers good arch support even for those with a heavier stride. Finally, its deep-flex grooves offer a natural gait to help with proper running form.


  • Made of synthetic and mesh material for durability and breathability.
  • Shaft measures about three inches from the arch for support.
  • Offers deep-flex grooves for a natural gait.


  • Foot size can be too narrow for some large feet.


I slipped on Nike Men’s Downshifter 6 running shoe and went out for a run right after that. I enjoyed how comfortable and supportive they were, providing deep grooves and a prominent shaft drop for helping me correct my running gait. My only problem, however, was that the shoe was a tad too narrow for my feet to fit in comfortably, even though I already have relatively-narrow feet to begin with!

This single-layer, circular-knit upper from Nike Women’s Free Rn distance running shoe offers a lightweight, comfortable fit for just about any runner out there, regardless of body type and shape. In addition, it contains a unique, midsole feature (“Lunar core”) that is inside a firmer Phylon foam carrier which gives a stable, but flexible feel to the sole itself. Finally, its outsole construction allows for a smoother heel-to-toe movement, to keep you balanced and moving forward.


  • Has a single-layer, circular-knit upper for a lightweight, comfortable fit.
  • Contains a unique, midsole feature and firmer Phylon foam carrier for a stable, flexible midsole.
  • Has an outsole construction for a smoother heel-to-toe movement.


  • Makes a suction noise when running, which can be irritating.


Nike Women’s Free Rn Distance running shoe was so lightweight and breathable that I absolutely enjoyed them whenever I went out for a run. Its distinctive firm and flexible midsole was a nice added touch, as well as its outsole construction for an easy turnover rate. However, I did not like the suction noise when I walked in them, and that was the only thing that put me off from wearing it more than expected.

Coming in all sorts of different colors and shapes, Nike Women’s Free Rn Flyknit running shoe offers great choices in style and comfort, to keep you motivated to run to your heart’s content. Its platform measures about 0.50 inches, which keeps your toes balanced and supported when running, and its Phylite midsole offers the ultimate cushioning to keep you going when the going gets tough.


  • Comes in all sorts of different colors and shapes for style and comfort.
  • Platform measures about 0.50 inches for balancing the toes.
  • Has a Phylite midsole for excellent cushioning.


  • Too much space in the toe box, which might not make it as stable as expected.


Overall, I found Nike Women’s Free Rn Flyknit running shoe to be just right with its flex grooves for ultimate flexibility and Phylite midsole for amazing cushioning. In fact, I felt as if I was running on clouds when I wore this shoe! At the same time, however, my only complaint is that there was way too much space in the toe box, which did not make me feel too stable in the front.

Lightweight and low-profile, Nike Men’s Fs Lite Trainer 3 training shoe is excellent for cross-fit runners who practice not only running, but also other sports for an all-around athletic experience. It is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor activities, as well as having a seamless construction to reduce foot irritation in and around the area.


  • Is lightweight and low-profile which is great for cross-fit runners.
  • Is adaptable to both outdoor and indoor activities.
  • Has a seamless construction to reduce foot irritation.


  • Does not provide very good heel support.


Nike Men’s Fs Lite Trainer 3 training shoe worked decently well for me, considering that I tend to run and do cross-training from time to time; therefore, a versatile sports shoe worked well in my favor. I greatly enjoyed its lightweight and low-profile features, and I was pleasantly surprised at the seamless construction, which does not irritate my feet at all. Only wish was that the shoe offered more heel support; I ended up having to insert insoles into my shoes to have support.

Thin and with a removable insole, Nike Men’s Flex 2016 Rn running shoe is extremely lightweight and flexibility, allowing you to, literally, take off the shoe’s insole and replace it with a better insole to suit your needs. Its Fylwire features a mid-foot and lacing system to adjust and lock down your shoe, so that it remains snug and comfortable for you to not worry about it coming off in the middle of your run.


  • Is very lightweight and flexible.
  • Has a Fylwire mid-foot and lacing system to adjust and lock down your shoe for snugness and stability.
  • Has a lightly-padded tongue and collar for breathability.


  • Cushioning could definitely be improved on.


Altogether, Nike Men’s Flex 2016 Rn running shoe turned out to be a decent choice, especially with its lightweight and flexible features. Its distinctive Fylwire mid-foot and lacing system was excellent for locking down my foot inside the shoe to keep it in place, while also promoting breathability. Wished that there was more cushioning, though.

Winner of the Roundup

Overall, Nike Women's Free Rn Flyknit Running Shoe (#3) is the winner of this roundup. It consists of good cushioning, excellent balance and stability, and all sorts of colors and styles for satisfaction. You can consider this for your next purchase, if you want: it can be worth it!

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