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How To Find The Best Sprinting Shoes For The Ideal Runner

When it comes to running your very hardest, perhaps you are nothing but a hard-core, dedicated runner who trains like no other. Really, not a day goes by without you giving it your all at track practice, working on your sprints in order to achieve that personal record (“PR,” for short).

Every single second counts, and you do not want to waste any time.

Perhaps you have a personal trainer who pushes you during workouts, designing personalized workout plans to keep you in top shape as possible. You might also have looked into other types of regimen to boost your burst speeds, or even looked into vitamins and certain apparel to help whittle down your time down to the millisecond.

Maybe you have even looked into investing sprinting shoes (also called “spikes”) to perform even better during track races.

Especially when it comes to spikes, purchasing one can be a big deal, for so many factors go into finding the right one for you. You might not know just what to expect when picking out a pair to try, so that is why we are here to help!

Read on to learn more in this article on how to find the best sprinting shoes for you, so that you can be well on your way to a successful running career—we guarantee it!

Without further ado, let’s get right down to it!


Things To Consider Before Purchasing Sprinting Shoes

Before you go ahead and jump right into shopping for the ideal spikes, you will need to take a step back and consider just what you need for yourself.

After all, not all sprinting shoes are made the same, let alone for the same purpose, so you will need to check with yourself the requirements, as well as accessories, you will need to feel comfortable wearing them.

That said, we have outlined a few simple, but crucial aspects to consider when looking around for the perfect spikes:

1. Your Distance Event

Just like how it is for long-distance running, there are many different types of sprinting events out there, depending on the distance itself. From the 100-meter dash to the middle-distance 800-meter run, short-distance races vary greatly. Hence, your spikes will need to reflect that.

For the shorter distances like 100 to 200-meter dashes, investing in a pair of spikes with little padding is the way to go: considering that the race goes by extremely fast, there is no need to bulk up on cushioning, since you want your sprinting shoes to be as lightweight as possible for quicker turnaround time.

In addition, the spikes ought to have holes into which you screw metal inserts. Having sharp spikes offers a stronger grip on the track, enabling you to push off stronger and preventing any slipping and sliding around.

Here are some more thoughts on getting track spikes

On the other hand, races usually towards 800 meters are considered middle-distance, although this is not to say that there is not a bit of sprinting involved in the process.

For these sort of events, a more-cushioned shoe is preferable, since you will be racing for a longer while, up to a couple of minutes.

Spikes can be metallic or plastic built-ins, although the latter seems more reasonable since they are softer and more comfortable to have, while also giving enough traction to grip the ground when the going gets tough.

2. Number Of Spikes

Believe it or not, the number of spikes on your shoe can make a difference in terms of how you perform in your sprinting event. It is a matter of knowing just how many is ideal to have on your shoe as means of making sure that you do your best.

As a rule of thumb, shorter distances such as 100 and 200-meter dashes often have more spikes than longer distances’, perhaps 8 maximum. This is to ensure that you get as much grip as possible when sprinting, so that you can cover more ground in a shorter amount of time.

For longer distances, their track spikes only require just a few, perhaps 5 to 7 of them. While grip is still important, comfort is also taken into consideration since you will be out there running for a longer while. Therefore, you need to find a medium balance between the two types of events for spike count.

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3. With Or Without Socks

This is a matter of personal preference: for some people, they might want to wear socks for that extra protection from blisters and friction, whereas others want to go sockless, as means of freeing things up a bit. Whatever you choose to do, it is necessary to make sure that your sprinting shoe can accommodate for it.

Consider this video to see whether you are a sock or sockless kind of runner

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4. Standards (Size, Shape, Arch).

Of course, just like with any normal running shoe, you will also need to take a look at the essentials for the best fit. Shoe size is important, along with it shape and arch—after all, you would not want to be squeezing into a shoe size too small!

Also make sure that the shoe shape offers enough width space for breathing room, as well as having an arch that fits your own foot’s (e.g. high, medium, low). You might be surprised to learn that many people, including professional athletes, forget to consider the standards when picking out their spikes, since they get bogged down in style and performance.

5. Try Them On

Especially if you will be shopping for sprinting shoes at your local running store, it does not hurt to ask the clerk if you could try them on. Considering that you will be stuck wearing those shoes for quite some while, it is important to know if they are right for you or not, so that you do not end up spending unnecessary money and wasting time.

Things to consider when trying them on is to focus on the comfort level (i.e. not too tight, not too loose). Walk around in them, perhaps even make a small lap around the store to test its traction. From there, you can have a better idea of how they will perform during races, and then you can buy them.

Here is more on choosing the right sprinting shoes for you

Our Top Picks For The Best Sprinting Shoes for You

1. FOR MAN :

1. PUMA Men's TFX Sprint V4 Track And Field Shoe

Made from synthetic material, PUMA Men’s TFX Sprint V4 Track and Field Shoe is sure to give you that comfortable, but also durable feel as you run race after race in them.

At only 7 ounces, it is certainly a lightweight shoe that is perfect for sprinting easily and smoothly. Not only that, but also it offers a one-piece microfiber upper and up to eight spike holes to get that 100-meter dash perfectly down.


  • Made from synthetic material for comfort and durability.
  • Lightweight at only seven ounces.
  • Offers up to eight spikes for the ultimate short-distance sprint.


  • Shape of the shoe can be too wide for some runners.


After buying and trying PUMA Men’s TFX Sprint V4 track and field shoe, I would have to say that it is wonderfully light, and its eight spikes certainly help me get a good grip on the track surface for my 100-meter dashes.

So far, it has been ideal for racing just about any race, and I could not be any happier. The synthetic material is just right in comfort and durability levels, since I have been wearing them for several months now.

Only gripe is that the shape of the shoe is too wide for me, so I have been forced to really tighten my shoelaces for that.

2.Saucony Men's Vendetta Track Spike Racing Shoe

With a rubber sole and synthetic imported material, Saucony Men’s Vendetta track spike racing shoe offers the support and grip to push you off the ground harder and faster to ensure that perfect personal record that you hope to achieve.

Aside from that, it offers a six-pin Pebax spike plate, which is ideal especially if you run middle distances such as the 400 to 800 meters. Its carbon rubber outsole is sure to be sturdy enough to protect you from the most impact heel strikes while racing, thereby keeping your feet safe.


  • Has a rubber sole and synthetic imported material for stronger grip.
  • Offers a six-pin Pebax spike plate, perfect for middle distances.
  • Consists of a carbon rubber outsole for protecting against heel strikes.


  • Shape can be too narrow for some feet.


I found Saucony Men’s Vendetta track spike racing shoe to be pretty good, especially when it came time to my middle-distance races. Considering that I run 800-meter races, I knew that I needed a solid racing spike to accommodate for the conditions there, and this particular shoe proved to be just that.

I really appreciated the strong-grip features from the rubber sole and synthetic imported material, as well as the carbon rubber outsole for protection against any hard contact with the ground.

My only problem is that the shoe shape is a tad too narrow for my feet, which is saying a lot since I have naturally narrow feet to begin with.

3. Nike Men's Zoom Rival S 8 Track Spike

Breathable and bright in color, Nike Men’s Zoom Rival S 8 track spike strikes the perfect balance between practicality and style, in order to ensure that you have the best possible racing experience ever.

Its single-layer mesh creates just the right amount of ventilation, so that your feet do not get too stuffy inside of the shoe. It also comes with a Phylon foam in the heel for better cushioning, which works well with longer-distance sprints, e.g. 800 meters and above.

Even more so, the spike plate extends towards the center of the shoe to offer support for the arches.


  • Offers a single-layer mesh for just the right amount of ventilation.
  • Comes with a Phylon foam in the heel for better cushioning in longer-distance sprints.
  • Has a spike plate which extends towards the center of the sole for increased support.


  • Tends to narrow too much by the toes, so little toe box room.


I was immediately struck by how bright and attractive Nike Men’s Zoom Rival S 8 track spike was, and I wasted no time trying them on and putting them to good use during my following race.

Considering that I run the 800 meter event, I found the Phylon foam in the heel just perfect for cushioning my heel strike, so that it absorbed the impact easily.

The single-layer mesh provided excellent ventilation, and the spike plate was supportive in the middle. My only issue was that the toe box room was quite restrictive, so points off for that.


4. Saucony Women's Vendetta Spike Shoe

Lightweight with a six-pin Pebax spike plate, Saucony Women’s Vendetta spike shoe is sure to astound you with its great middle-distance sprinting power, along with its soft-pink, attractive style.

Its rubber sole is also supportive, not to forget durable to keep you racing well for a long time. Finally, its carbon rubber outsole keeps things stable, so that you can be geared up to sprint to your heart’s content.


  • Offers a six-pin Pebax spike plate for perfecting middle-distance sprints.
  • Comes in a soft-pink, attractive style to show off while racing.
  • Consists of a carbon rubber outsole for stability.


  • Shoe size can run up to two sizes too small.


Saucony Women’s Vendetta spike shoe turned out to be very pleasant, with its super lightweight feature and ideal, six-pin Pebax spike plate for stabilizing my strides as I am racing.

Although I usually do not like the color pink, this particular shoe offers a soft-pink color which I actually like. However, I wish that the shoe sizes went accordingly with the actual foot size, since I had to return them twice in order to get the right fit.

5. New Balance Women's 700v4 Track Spike Running Shoe

Made from a combination of textile and synthetic material, New Balance Women’s 700v4 track spike running shoe provides both flexibility and durability to ensure that you will experience a comfortable and long-lasting sprinting career.

Its no-sew material application is ideal for keeping the shoe together, instead of falling apart compared with other competitors. Its Revlite midsole offers just the right amount of cushion and support to keep your arches balanced and feeling good, even preventing injuries from occurring.

Its four-spike configuration is great for longer-distance sprints, as well as working well with cross-country races, should you do that as well.


  • Made from textile and synthetic material for flexibility and durability.
  • Has a no-sew material application for less wear and tear over time.
  • Contains Revlite midsole for cushion and support in the arches.


  • Can be too narrow for some athletes.


I really appreciated New Balance Women’s 700v4 track spike running shoe, for it offered a unique, no-sew material application that made it less likely to wear and tear sooner, thus keeping well over a long span of time.

It had just the right balance of flexible and durable feel to it, and the Revlite midsole was excellent. Granted, it felt a bit narrow, but it was not such a huge deal.

6. Saucony Women's Endorphin MD4 Track Shoe

Saucony Women’s Endorphin MD4 track shoe is manmade for that extra love and care that you need to see in the world of sprinting. Not only that, but also its Flex Film overlays are great for moving with your foot, offering a flexible shoe that outcompetes with other rival shoes.

Its Compression Molded SSL EVA keeps your foot snugly bound to the shoe, without giving the feeling of being too tight for you. Its six-pin Pebax configuration makes for the ultimate middle-distance sprinting shoe for you.


  • Is manmade for extra love and care.
  • Has Flex Film overlays for the ultimate flexible shoe that moves with your feet.
  • Contains Compression Molded SSL EVA to keep your feet snug inside, without being too tight.


  • Runs on the small side.


I found Saucony Women’s Endorphin MD4 track shoe to be extremely flexible, to the point that it felt like I was not wearing spikes to begin with!

The Flex Film Overlays certainly give off that effortless feel to the shoe, which was appreciated; other than that, I felt nicely snug in the shoes. Runs a bit small, but for me having small feet, it was not a huge problem.

Winner Of The Roundup

Overall, Saucony Men's Vendetta Track Spike Racing Shoe (#2) takes the cake in this roundup. Offering an excellent, strong grip on the track, as well as protection from hard impact, it is a good pair to start off with during your track and field career.

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