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How To Find The Best Stability Running Shoes For You

Perhaps you are a dedicated runner who wants nothing but the best running experience ever with each workout you choose to do. From short, intense sprints to long, slow distances, you just enjoy the feeling of feeling breathless as you power through such exercises, leaving you sweaty, but accomplished at the end of the day.

That said, you have been wearing your current pair of running shoes for a while, perhaps several months, and you are starting to see them come apart a bit recently. That is a sign that you should switch shoes- even if you cannot bear to part with them, you will have to understand that it is for the best, especially when it comes to keeping you safe and injury-free in the future.

Hence, how do you go about finding the next pair of running shoes suitable for you? Besides the obvious like the right size and shape, running shoes need to have good stability. From cushioning to shock absorbance to flexibility, a stable running shoe will save you the trouble of having to pay more for orthotics, since the support is already built in.

With so many running shoe options to choose from, it can be a daunting process. That is why we are here to help! Read on to learn more in this article on how to find the best stability running shoes for you, and soon enough, you will be cruising down the neighborhood block in no time.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Things to Consider When Finding a Stability Running Shoe

When it comes to finding a stability running shoe, it is important not to rush into getting the first pair that looks good or is a popular brand. Especially if it will not end up fitting your feet size and shape, then it is a waste of time and money. That said, it is essential to be patient and take the time to find a good running shoe with stable support: in the end, it will be worth it.

Here are a few things to consider when finding a stability running shoe:

1. Arch support.

One of the most important things you will need to consider first is whether the running shoe has arch support. Not only that, but also you will need to know just which type of arch you have, whether it is high, medium, or low arches.

How can you tell? The easiest method is to take the “Wet Test,” in which you submerge the sole of your foot in water and place it onto a paper towel, leaving an imprint on the surface. Then it is a matter of checking if your arch, i.e. center of foot is visible or not. The less visible it is, the more likely you have a high arch; the heavier the imprint is, the more flat-footed you are. From there, you can then go about choosing the right shoe with the right arch.

2. Cushioning.

All running shoes, even minimalist ones, come with at least a bit of cushioning, in order to keep your feet not only comfortable, but also protected from sharp and otherwise uncomfortable debris outside while running. The amount of thickness on the shoe will depend on just what foot type you are, as well as how you run, gait-wise.

For instance, if you tend to heel-strike, then having a substantial cushion in the heel area of the shoe will work best. On the other hand, if you have a neutral arch, then a relatively-minimal cushioned shoe should do the trick.

In addition, check for shock absorbance, which is meant to help your feet spring back from an otherwise hard impact on flat surfaces like asphalt or concrete when you run.

3. Flexibility.

While this point is a bit obscure, in essence it refers to the range that your running shoe can bend when you are running from heel to toe. It refers to the arch, but also the heel and ball of foot areas. Having a flexible shoe will not only benefit you with a comfortable experience, but also make it more convenient to run without feeling limited.

To determine just how flexible it is, simply take the running shoe and try to bend it. If it gives, but slightly so, then that is the ideal one to choose. If you end up finding pairs which either are too stiff or too flexible, then they are not desirable when it comes to wearing them for runs, for they can limit you or be less supportive, respectively.

4. Breathability.

Aside from having practical aspects such as arch support, flexibility, and cushioning, there also needs to be breathability. Believe it or not, many runners tend to ignore this factor when looking for a good stability running shoe, since they consider it to be less important than the others.

However, having a breathable shoe is essential, for if not taken into consideration, it can cause discomfort and also affect your running performance. In other words, a breathable running shoe helps to keep air circulation going, so that all the sweat and heat inside of the shoe can be aired out, thereby keeping the area cool and dry. Without it, you will have a moist (and odor-filled) experience.

In essence, find running shoes which are made from mesh material, i.e. have small holes on the outside of the shoe to keep it aerated. Trust us- you will thank us for telling you to get breathable shoes later!

5. Durability.

Finally, a good, stable running shoe comes down to having a pair which can last you a long while, in spite of the rough-and-tough workouts you choose to do, e.g. trail runs, beach workouts, etc.

Basically, a durable shoe comes down to the material that it is made of. Besides mesh material for breathability, having materials such as leather, rubber, and polyurethane provide not only a tough exterior, but also flexibility for your feet. Having a combination of all these materials will, in the end, make your running experience a whole lot better.

For some more advice on how to choose the best running shoe, check out this video here: 

Top Five Best Stability Running Shoe

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Providing great support for mild to moderate pronators, this running shoe from ASICS helps with stability for those who have either high or low arches to correct their form and get back into running, all the while injury-free. It contains both rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning, as well as midsole and outsole support for extra protection and stability.


  • Excellent for runners who have mild to moderate pronation.
  • Contains both rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning.
  • Has midsole and outsole support for extra stability.


  • Width can be a bit narrow.


Overall, ASICS Men’s GT 1000 4 running shoe turned out to be quite a decent investment for me. I especially enjoyed having both rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning for all-around comfort and support. The midsole and outsole features were excellent for stability, too. Granted, I found the shoe’s width too narrow, but it was just a slight tight squeeze.

Consisting of a Double Wave Technology, Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 12 running shoe offers a great, breathable shoe that can keep your feet cool and dry even through the most strenuous, sweatiest of workouts. It also contains a strobel board underneath the sole for comfort, as well as a 12-millimeter ramp in the heel for shock absorbance, especially if you tend to heel strike.


  • Has a Double Wave Technology for a breathable shoe.
  • Contains a strobel board underneath the sole for comfort.
  • Has a 12-millimeter ramp for shock absorbance in the heel.


  • Ramp might be too high for some runners, especially neutral ones.


All in all, Mizuno’s Wave Inspire 12 running shoe was quite pleasant to run in, especially when it came to its excellent mesh material for a breathable shoe. Since I tend to heel strike, I also found the 12-millimeter ramp very good for absorbing the shock to the heel: I really appreciated it. However, I can understand that some runners might find the heel height too much and too uncomfortable, so it depends on your foot arch and running gait.

Textile and synthetic, along with containing a rubber sole, ASICS Women’s Gel-Exalt 3 running shoe is made from a combination of different materials which promote sturdiness and flexibility- all rolled into one! Not only that, but also it has a Trusstic System Technology that reduces the weight of the sole unit, but at the same time keeps the integrity of the shoe together.


  • Made from textile and synthetic material, along with a rubber sole.
  • Has a Trusstic System Technology to reduce the weight of the sole unit and keep its sturdiness.
  • Has an AHAR outsole for exceptional durability.


  • Can be too snug for some runner’s feet.


ASICS Women’s Gel-Exalt 3 running shoe was a pretty good running shoe when I first used it. The combination of different materials (textile, synthetic, rubber) was perfect, and its AHAR outsole technology kept the pair super durable even after months and months of wearing it.

Besides that, the Trusstic System Technology was a lovely touch, for it kept the sole lightweight, but also well-integrated with the rest of the shoe. True, it was a bit snug at first when I tried it on, but after breaking them in, it worked well.

Built for runners with moderate to severe over-pronation, New Balance Men’s M940V2 running shoe is bound to help those with extremely low arches to be stable and get right back into running. It contains forefoot flex grooves and N2 low-to-the-ground cushioning, to keep your soles comfortable, but still supported despite all the challenges on the road. Finally, it contains a Stabilicore medial post which keeps your foot balanced and always in control, for a smooth run everytime.


  • Made for runners with moderate to severe over-pronation.
  • Contains forefoot flex grooves and cushioning for comfort and support.
  • Has a Stabilicore medial post for a balanced, in-control foot.


  • Sole at the front of the toe is not very durable.


I found New Balance Men’s M940V2 running shoe to be rather comfortable, and especially supportive when it came to holding up my very-low arches. I was very impressed and absolutely loved the Stabilicore medial post to keep the center of my foot grounded and stable. My only gripe, however, is that the sole at the front of the toe wore out within a month of wearing it.

This lightweight runner from Saucony offers an easy and sturdy shoe that can last you a while on the road. It contains a patterned mesh and no-sew overlays, which help to keep the shoe breathing well and in good condition, despite the road ahead of you. The shaft measures about 3 inches from the arch, which makes for a solid arch support that is neither too high nor too low, but just right.


  • Is lightweight for easy pick-up.
  • Contains a patterned mesh and no-sew overlays for breathability.
  • Shaft measures about 3 inches from the arch for good arch support.


  • A bit too narrow for some foot types.


Saucony Men’s Guide 8 running shoe turned out to be incredibly lightweight, which I really enjoyed. The patterned mesh was excellent in keeping air circulation going, and the shaft measure was just right for my arch. It was a bit narrow at first, so after switching it out for a wider shoe, it worked better.

Winner of the Roundup

Altogether, ASICS Women's Gel-Exalt 3 Running Shoe (#3) is the winner of this roundup.

Not only is it made from an excellent combination of different materials for sturdiness and flexibility, but also it is relatively lightweight for a quicker turnover rate. It is worth the investment, should you choose to get it in the future.

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