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5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Best Stadium Seat

When it comes to watching sports live in the stadium, you probably have had the experience of attending many of these events, from football to soccer to basketball and so forth. Nothing beats a great weekend with family and friends at such games, and even if you do not particularly care for the sports at hand, it is the lively, convivial atmosphere which makes it such a pleasure to partake in.

That said, you know the drill: you know just what to bring to these games, which can last several hours. From fan-based gears (baseball caps, football jerseys, etc.) to food and drinks (that is, if you can sneak them in to avoid paying for over-priced food at the concession stands), you are well-equipped for this marathon of spectating.

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However, what you might fail to remember is bringing, let alone investing, in a stadium seat. After all, those standard benches are not very comfortable to sit on for long periods of time, and they can contribute to massive backaches and soreness in the rear at the end of the day. Hence, it is a wise idea to consider getting a stadium seat for such times.

You might wonder just how you can find the best stadium seats for you: that is why we are here to help! Read on to learn more in this article on the tips and tricks to get the best for your money’s worth. We will also suggest a few top picks to get you started; soon enough, you will be on your way to a comfortable and amazing sports experience.

​Let’s get down to it!


Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Stadium Seat

Before you go right ahead and get the first stadium seat that you see, it is important to take a step back and consider just what your expectations are for getting one. Asking yourself questions related to size, comfort, and durability will give you a guideline to understanding just how stadium seats function, and from there you have a clearer idea of what will suit your personal needs—after all, everyone has different standards, so knowing yours will go a long way in satisfying you.

That said, here are just a few pieces of advice which are the most important when choosing a stadium seat to invest in:

1. Size. 

size and shape

Of course, one of the few first things you will need to really look into is your shoe size and shape. You might be surprised to discover that many runners get the wrong shoe size and shape when buying their pair of running shoes, which over time can lead to not-so-great consequences, including that of bunions.

​In addition, if you are looking for a stadium seat that is a “one-size-fits-all” for family and friends, that is another element that you will have to take into consideration. Granted, it is a tricky business, but having an idea of standard sizes—both for seats and humans—will help you out in the process.

2. Easily portable.

Of course, since you will be transferring the stadium seat from car to stadium and back, it should not be too heavy to carry around with you. Knowing yourself and the maximum capacity that you can lug around, finding a stadium seat made of lightweight material and can be easily folded up for compact space will be two aspects to strongly consider for your next purchase. Otherwise, you will have to ask someone who is strong to give you a hand!

3. Durability

As briefly touched upon in the previous section, having a stadium seat made of lightweight material will make it a lot easier to carry around from place to place. At the same time, though, it is also useful to have it made of durable material, so that it does not easily tear or unravel, even after long periods of use.

That said, cloth seats are pretty sturdy, although they can be hard to clean if it gets dirty. On the other hand, synthetic fabric is simple to clean up any spills or dirt, although some people might be allergic to the material inside of it. In any case, knowing what you want will make a huge difference when it comes to choosing the best one for you.

4. Accessories And Features.

Now that you have got the essentials out of the way, it is time to look into any accessories and/or features for your stadium seat. While not necessary, these aspects can make a big difference in your stadium-seating experience. Here are just a few listed down below:

  • Arm rests:Some stadium seats come with arm rests, others do not. However, it is not a bad idea to pay a bit more for arm rests, since having your arms off to the side of the seat can otherwise be a bit awkward. Some arm rests even have cup holders for holding your beer or water as you free your hands to clap and cheer for your team!
  • Cushion: This refers especially to the bottom of your seat, where you can rest your rear on it. Again, you will be in the stadium for several hours, so the last thing you want to do is feel sore from sitting on a hard surface at the end of the day. Whether the cushion is built into the seat itself or that you need to buy it separately, you have got your butt covered for a long days’ worth of sports!
  • Recliner: These are probably rare to come by, but having a stadium seat which has some flexibility to lean forward and back will take some pressure off your back, so that you do not end up with a stiff back afterwards.

5. Comfort.

Finally, having a stadium seat which you find comfortable is the most important thing you can possibly have, as means of making your spectating experience all the more enjoyable and less burdensome. Consider all of the points explained above as you make your next purchase.

For an idea on how to go about finding the best stadium seat for you, check out this video here: 

Top 5 Best Stadium Seats

Made from canvas material, this stadium seat by Cascade Mountain Tech is waterproof to ensure that any beer or water spilt on it can be easily cleaned.

Not only that, but also it is made from a durable steel frame which can be folded for easy transportation to and from places.

It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds and it has hooks that can be fastened to any type of bleacher, wooden or metal alike, for stability.


  • Made from canvas material for waterproof purposes.
  • Made from a durable steel frame to be easily folded up and transported.
  • Has hooks that can be fastened to any bleachers for stability.


  • Steel pegs are awkwardly positioned so that it can poke into your legs.


Cascade Mountain’s stadium seat was a good investment, in terms of maintenance and durability: I had accidentally spilt beer onto the seat within the first two uses, but the canvas material is waterproof and the liquid just slid right off—easy cleaning! I liked how I could hook the seat to the bleacher so that it does not move around. The only downside, however, is that the steel pegs poke into my legs while sitting, which can be irritating, to say the least.

Next up, this stadium seat from Ohuhu is made from Oxford nylon with a bungee cord cushioning that can stretch and compensate for any weight imposed upon it, supporting up to a whopping 400 pounds! Aside from that, its back rest is the definition of ultimate comfort, and you will definitely feel like a king sitting on it. Finally, it has the basics of being portable and easy to fit in just about any bleacher.


  • Made from Oxford nylon with a bungee cord cushioning to support up to 400 pounds in weight.
  • Has a supportive, comfortable back rest.
  • Easy to fit onto any bleacher.


  • Smells a bit.


Ohuhu’s stadium seat is incredible, as I was able to sit on it with my dog in my lap—and it did not break whatsoever! Really, the material is excellent and I love how it has a back rest for the ultimate comfort and support. It can also be attached to any-sized bleacher. My only gripe is that it comes very smelly, and even after attempts to air it out, the stench still lingers.

This other stadium seat from Cascade Mountain is different in that it is wider to accommodate larger persons or, better yet, accommodate two people together! It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, which can be useful for seating two small children together to save space in the bleachers. The padded seat comes with bungee reinforcements to make it even more comfortable, so that you can ensure a great experience for hours on end.


  • Is wide enough to accommodate for larger sizes or even two people together.
  • Has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.
  • Padded seat comes with bungee reinforcements for more comfort.


  • Metal bar sits directly on top of the seat, so not very ideal


This stadium seat was the perfect answer to seating my two small children (who altogether weigh 200 pounds) without any breakage. The padded seating is also made from flexible material for easy stretching. However, the issue is that the metal bar sits right on top of the seat, so you can feel it when you sit down.

Home-Complete’s stadium seat is distinctive in that it not only has an antiskid feature to prevent the seat from sliding around (in contrast with hook adjustments, which can be burdensome), but also a recliner for better back support. It has easy-to-carry straps so that it is a whole lot easier to lug around while scoping out a good seat. There are also arm rests for supporting your arms if you want to kick back and relax, all in the good name of sports-spectating.


  • Has an antiskid feature to prevent sliding around.
  • Contains a recliner for improved back support.
  • Consists of straps for easy carrying around from place to place.


  • Adjustment valves can easily break.


Home-Complete’s stadium seat was good in its antiskid feature, which saved a lot of hassle compared with having to hook it up to the bleachers. The reclining aspect was a wonderful surprise, and never before had I felt more comfortable than then. The straps were great for easy portability, but I found that the adjustment valves for reclining broken within a month, which I was not very happy with.

Finally, this adult-sized seat from Flash Furniture is perfectly lightweight, with a handle-bar grip for easy transport to and from the stadium. It contains both a padded seat and a padded back, which makes it twice the comfort for anyone who decides to spectate all day (perhaps yourself!).


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Contains a handle-bar grip for easy transfer.
  • Has both padded seat and back for ultimate comfort.


  • Is a bit too heavy to carry.


Flash Furniture’s stadium seats were wonderfully padded, twice so! I also found the handle-bar grip ingenious for conveniently transfer from place to place. My only gripe, however, was that it was a tad too heavy due to the extra padding.

Winner of the Roundup

Stadium Seat Chair for Bleachers or Benches - Enjoy Padded Cushion Backs and Armrest Support - 6 Reclining Custom Fit Sport Positions - Portable with Easy to Carry Straps … (#4) is the winner of this roundup, as it offers the right balance between comfort and durability. Plus, it can recline and be easily carried around by its straps, thereby contributing to an easy-in and easy-out during game day.

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