does running make your butt smaller

Does Running Make Your Butt Smaller? We Have The Answer!

For you as an avid, passionate runner, not a single day goes by without you going out for a run, or at least a jog around the block. You enjoy nothing but the thrill of feeling the wind against your body—legs, arms, chest—as you continue to push yourself to become the fastest and strongest version of yourself out there. Really, you would not trade anything for running.

That being said, with all of the training you have done so far, you have probably noticed your body getting more toned, especially in the legs, arms, and even core muscles. You are pleased with the results, but at the same time, you are wondering if running can make your butt smaller, or at least more toned?

While you might not be sure if running gives you a smaller butt, there is no need to be worried. After all, we are here to help! Read on to learn more in this article about the correlation between running and enhanced glutes. We will be taking some of your frequently-asked questions related to this topic and answering them; we will also give advice on how to enhance them. Pretty soon, you will be well on your way to a new and improved butt.

Without further ado, let’s get right down to it!


What are the benefits to having a smaller butt?

While it appears that today’s society prizes big butts, in fact there are some benefits to having a slightly-smaller behind. We list just a few reasons down below:

1. Having a smaller butt makes you run faster. This is not to say that bigger butts are bad for running, but with smaller butts, it does increase the aerodynamics to drive you forward faster and more efficiently. In other words, you have less fat to work with in your behind, which can make things more convenient for you to run with.

In addition to being able to know how to run faster, you can refer to my article here:

2. Having a smaller butt allows you to fit into pants better. While having curves on a bigger butt is deemed to be attractive by today’s society standards, having a smaller butt gives you more options on what to choose to wear, just because you do not have to worry about squeezing into a certain size and having it fit comfortably.

That said, you can try on just about anything, from bikini shorts to jeans to yoga pants, all the while not having to worry about them not fitting you. Granted, a smaller butt might not give you that full, shapely figure that many people prize, but in any case, you can rest assure that your pants variety will be off the charts!

3. Having a smaller butt makes you stand out less. Unless you like drawing attention to yourself, having a smaller butt makes you less of a target for butt jokes and other immature quips. In fact, it is a double-edged sword for those with big butts, as they are considered to be prized, but at the same time something to be exploited and ogled at.

At least with smaller butts, you do not have to worry about being exploited, let alone ogled at as much, so you can feel more comfortable wearing different types of pants without any pressure.

Does running make my butt smaller?

While running does use the butt to connect to the hips and IT bands as means of driving you forward, it does not directly cause your butt to get smaller. In fact, what makes butts shrink is a combination of diet and specific workouts which target the area, so having a combination of all of these exercises will help you attain that small butt.

What are some ways to make my butt smaller?

As previously mentioned in the point above, you will need to perform other aspects besides running to make your butt smaller. More importantly, though, it is encouraged to have not only a small butt, but also a toned one, just so you can become a stronger, faster runner in that respect.

Here, we list some things you can do to make your butt smaller (and stronger):

1. Have a calorie deficit.

This is not to say that you should starve yourself, but rather cutting down just a few calories that you normally consume. From this step, you can lose butt fat, and from there perform exercises to tone and otherwise slim those butt cheeks down to a smaller size.

At the same time, however, it is important to maintain a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and high-complex carbohydrates. After all, you will still be working out, and so you will need all the energy you can get for an efficient practice.

2. Practice interval training.

Perhaps you do the same run every day; why not spice it up a bit with interval training? Not only does doing so condition your body better, i.e. keeping it on its toes, literally and figuratively, but also it can have something to do with toning your butt, since alternating between slow jogs and fast-paced sprints works it out even more so.

That said, make it a goal to dedicate your workouts to interval training, perhaps two to three times a week. Soon enough, you will start to see the end results you want.

3. Target your glutes.

Sometimes, it comes down to using specific machinery or performing specific workouts to tone your butt. Some of the most common ones include squats, lunges, and even deadlifts. Train them by using weights at the gym, and while doing so might make them slightly larger than smaller, know that your butt will be toned and healthy in the process.

For more information about running and smaller butts, check out this video here: 


Overall, running might not exclusively make your butt smaller, but it can certainly help. By taking part in a better diet and incorporating gluteus workouts, you can be well on your way to a smaller, toned butt.

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