what type of footwear that protects your entire foot

What Type Of Footwear Protects Your Entire Foot? We Have Answers!

When it comes to performing any activity that involves the use of your foot, e.g. walking, running, hiking, etc., you know how important it is to go about keeping your feet in good condition, considering that they already take a huge beating every time you get up and move around.

While it is true that some shoes (such as running shoes) and supports like insoles are common types of footwear for not only protecting, but also improving your activity performance, there are also other kinds of footwear out there that are more specialized to help you handle pressure from being on your feet all day. You might not be sure just what they are, let alone know under what circumstances they are best for being used.

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There is no need to worry, though: we are here to help! Read on to learn more in this article about what type of footwear that protects your entire foot. We will give you the details on what are the benefits and drawbacks to each kind, as well as offer you some products to get you started. Soon enough, your feet will be well on their way to the ultimately safe experience. Let’s get started!


What are the types of footwear to protect your entire foot?

As previously mentioned, there are a wide variety of different kinds of footwear that exist out there in the foot market. Depending on what you are specifically looking for, e.g. comfort, protection from injuries, etc., there are a variety of them that are specialized to your very needs. Down below, we provide a brief list of the top types of footwear to protect your entire foot:

1. Metatarsal boots.

size and shape

As the name suggests, metatarsal boots protect the metatarsal bones, which are commonly known as the bones of your toes. Being smaller than other bones out there, the toes are susceptible to breaking easily if not careful, so having a footwear that can protect that area from danger is the way to go.

Metatarsal boots are especially helpful in the case that you drop something heavy onto the top of your toes, which under normal circumstances can cause lots of pain, even damage, to your metatarsals. It is worth a try, then, to invest in metatarsal boots for the sake of cushioning the blow, so that the pain is lessen, let alone completely painless.

2. Composite toe boots.

This particular safety footwear often gets compared to steel toe boots, for both of them are commonly used in environments that involve lots of physically-demanding work, such as construction. However, composite toe boots are distinctive in that they are made from a combination of different materials, such as plastic, carbon fiber, and other synthetic materials.

From the material that they are made, composite toe boots are usually considered more versatile when it comes to different forms of strenuous work, for they are likely to be more flexible, more comfortable, and all the while keep you protected as you go about doing activities for the day.

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3. Steel toe boots

Cushion and support

On the other hand, steel toe boots are, evidently enough, made from solid steel. They are the ultimate break-proof shoes which are often used in construction and other hefty activities that require a lot of man power.

Steel toe boots are especially used in the electricity sector of construction, where the steel material can reflect static and electricity off the individual, in the case that one was to be in close proximity with it. In other words, it reduces the risk of getting shocked, let alone a work hazard, thereby keeping the person safe from harm.

4. Rubber boots

Obvious as it sounds, rubber boots are made from rubber material, although with the possibility of being mixed with other materials like cloth or plastic. For the most part, rubber boots are great for protecting your feet from outdoor debris, able to wick away rain (as seen in rain boots), dirt, and just about anything else that could get your pretty feet dirty.

On the flip side, though, rubber boots do not offer protection from outside force, should the case be that you were to drop something on your foot or work in a heavy-duty industry. Rubber boots are not ideal for construction, as it is better merely for debris protection.

More some more ideas on different types of footwear, check out this video here: 

What is the best option to choose from?

While all of these four different types of footwear are beneficial to whatever you choose to do in your everyday life, it is commonly agreed upon that metatarsal boots are the ultimate protective footwear to use.

Not only are they able to protect the top of your feet from heavy impact, but also they can be made from material that is flexible and sturdy enough to last you a lifetime.

What should I look for when looking for it?

Looking for the perfect metatarsal boot for you can be tricky business, especially if you have little to no experience in doing so. However, just like with any kind of shoe out there, finding a pair that is comfortable, sturdy, and work-effective are the basics to it. Below, we offer a few more specifics on what to check out:

1. External Metatarsal Work Boots

This option is popular among savvy buyers, since they are less expensive than the internal version. More specifically, external metatarsal work boots can be attached and removed from the shoe, so that you can take them off and continue to wear your boots normally for the rest of the day.

However, for those who need them almost always on, it can be a pain to keep fastening and removing the piece.

2. Internal Metatarsal Work Boots

Although on the pricier side, internal metatarsal work boots are best for people who wear them pretty much 24/7 for work. They are built into the shoe, so that you do not have to worry about constantly putting and taking them off before and after work, respectively.

Unless you do not frequently work in heavy-duty construction, internal metatarsal work boots are the ideal fit for you.

For an idea of how internal metatarsal work boots function, check out this video: 

Top 5 best recommended products for you

Here are some metatarsal work boots to consider:

Made from a combination of leather and rubber sole, Rhino Men’s metatarsal leather work boot offers not just the protection, but also the flexibility to go about comfortably, even under heavy-work circumstances.

Its external piece is easy to slip on and slip off, and has an Electric Hazard (EH) Approved safety outsole to keep you away from danger. Finally, it is slip-resistant, so that no accidents are due to happen in the workplace.


  • Made from leather and rubber sole.
  • Is Electric Hazard (EH) Approved.
  • Is oil and slip-resistant.


  • Contains some metal pieces in the eyeholes.


Rhino Men’s metatarsal leather work boot offered great protection when working in construction; I found it easy to slip on and off to get to work in no time. The EH Approved safety outside was a plus, too. My only gripe is that it contains metal pieces in the eyeholes of the laces, which can be a hazard to the hands, even the feet, if not careful.

This black oil tanned leather work boot from Carhartt is also distinctive for being waterproof, in the case an accident were to happen while at work, thereby ensuring your boots, let alone your feet, will be protected.

Not only that, but also it has Ortholite and PU cushion insoles to keep you comfortable on your feet, especially for an entire day of work, so that you do not feel sore afterwards.


  • Made from black oil tanned leather.
  • Is waterproof.
  • Has Ortholite and PU cushion insoles for comfort.


  • Is on the tight side.


Carhartt Men’s work boot turned out to be wonderful in being waterproof, especially when there was an accident one day at work involving water—the boots held up really well! I also really like the cushion insoles, so that my feet did not ache at all after being up on them all day. Granted, the boots are rather tight, even after loosening, so shoe size might need to be modified.

Timberland’s boot is highly-reputed in that its internal metatarsal guard is made from Ortholite material, able to be lightweight, but also very protective.

Its nanotechnology heat barrier under the foot is sure to prevent the soles of your feet from burning up in high-heat industrial work, all the while protecting the top from heavy objects potentially falling on it.

Finally, its Kevlar self-extinguishing thread prevents fires from spreading, thereby getting you to safety in no time.


  • Has nanotechnology heat barrier for sole protection.
  • Made from Ortholite material.
  • Contains a Kevlar self-extinguishing thread.


  • Soles do not hold up over time


Timberland’s boot was a decent investment when it came to protecting not just the top of my foot, but also my soles, thanks to the nanotechnology heat barrier. I work in a high-heat environment, so to have that, along with the Kevlar self-extinguishing thread, was a lifesaver. However, working in the high heat over time certainly wears down the soles quickly, for within a couple of months, they were coming off.

This work boot from Iron Age is ASTM F2413 Safety Standard Compliant, thereby ensuring that you remain safe while on the job.

Its Flex-Met Internal Metatarsal Guard Protection, along with Electrical Hazard (EH) protection, is sure to keep you flexible and comfortable, not to forget electricity-resistant should you be working in the electric company.

Its Goodyear Welt construction also offers a protection that you cannot beat with anything else!


  • Is ASTM F2413 safety standard compliant.
  • Has Flex-Met internal metatarsal guard protection.
  • Is Electrical Hazard (EH) protected.


  • Stitching is not ideal.


Iron Age Men’s work boot was, from what I saw, ASTM F2413 Safety Standard Compliant, which I appreciated in its strive for quality and safety. The Flex-Met internal metatarsal guard protection was ideal for heading to work sooner than later, without having to fasten it on. The downside to it, however, is that the stitching was not ideal, for it started to unravel after a couple of months of use.

This full-grain upper leather work boot from Wolverine is sure to be not only sturdy, but also long-lasting for you to work in for years to come.

Aside from that, it also has an additional toe bumper for added protection, to ensure that your foot is fully protected.

Its polyurethane midsole offers comfort for even the toughest, longest hours, thereby keeping you at ease and productive while working.


  • Has a full-grain upper leather for sturdiness and durability.
  • Has an added toe bumper for extra protection.
  • Contains a polyurethane midsole for comfort.


  • Steel toe cup can be abrasive on the toes.


Wolverine Men’s work boot was a worthwhile investment, for its leather material and toe bumper offered the right balance between sturdiness and durability. The polyurethane midsole was a plus, too, for keeping me comfortable while working. Admittedly, the steel toe cup did rub a bit harshly against my toes, but it was not a huge problem.

Winner of the Roundup

Overall, Wolverine Men's Lawson INT MET SR 6 InchSteel Work Boot (#5) is the winner of this roundup. With the right balance of comfort and protection, it is ideal for any construction or electricity work, and ultimately worth the investment.

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